Beautiful Car

Jim Craik

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Here are some shots of the Alpha Romeo Canguro, I think this is one of the most hansome cars ever built! It was designed by the young Giorgietto Giugiaro in early 1964. This was a one-off show car built on the TZ chassis. The article says it had the industries first glued winshield.

I wonder if this car influenced the Cobra Daytona coupe or if the Daytona Coupe influenced this one?

Those tail lights look familiar!


Jim Craik

Lifetime Supporter
Hay, Domtoni,

How have you been?

Yes, they do seem similar......

This car was a contemporary of the Ferrari GTO, the Cobra Coupe, Bizzerrini and the TZ.

I know this is subjective, but for my money, the Canguro has the best overall shape and design.

The more I look at it the more I like it, so clean and pure!

That highly curved windshield and roof would have been very low drag, but I'm sure a spoiler would have been needed for racing.
Great thanks. Nice to be a member of the tax paying public.

I have to get rolling now, but will take a look at the two cars again. At least one can buy a TZ. The other probably lives as a one off.