Best clutch for 95% street driven SPF with RBT ZF Transmission

While replacing my internal slave with the external kit I decided to change the clutch out also while I am in there.

What is the best streetable clutch/flywheel setup? I may take the car once or twice to an autocross event just for fun but it will be mostly driven on the street.

McLeod aluminum flywheel and organic/ceramic single plate clutch. I think that's their Super Street clutch. You may already have that in your car. Just make sure to get the correct RBT input splines (which are BMW ones). McLeod's # on that disc is 272180R

Mike Pass

Mick Sollis at Southern GT does an AP Racing organic clutch setup and the driven plate with ZF spline. Good for street use and track use. Also does steel flywheels. I have one on my GTD. I had the GTD flywheel drilled and tapped for the AP cover bolt pattern.