Brake Reservoir Update

Kirby Schrader

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Look at what Kirby did in his Oct. 2012 post above. Admittedly he has a lot going on there with the fire bottle and water hoses. I did single plastic reservoirs and hung them off the square tubing supporting the nose. For hose and parts check
True statement... :)
It is busy in there. I had modified the cooling system and the expansion tank near the left front wheel seemed a natural place to mount the reservoir.
Take away the fire bottle and the expansion tank and there are several places you can mount the Tilton unit.

The Tilton unit is plastic, but it is made for brake fluid. It's three reservoirs work perfectly for the rear, front and clutch.
If you want to use the Tilton unit, or any other unit, the key is where you mount it.
That will dictate the line lengths.
After that, I just ordered the bulkhead through couplings and the lengths I needed (stainless steel brake lines that you can get most anywhere) and hooked it all up.

Hope that helps.
No longer a GT40 owner, but still interested.