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Hey Bill, I was referring to Mark. I don't believe he looks at this forum or uses email much. Best to call or fax I think...
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Man I hate fire-fighting... First, IMHO this issue is between Mark and Leethac - period. I even offered my assistance to him over a year ago, as other members have. I am seeing a an opportunity to stir the pot taken full advantage of, nothing more.

Second, Mark is completely swamped with orders (three turn-key minus, three build packages on the go.) With everyhting it takes to run his business, he does the best he can to get back to everyone as soon as he can. Mark emails clients on a regular basis, contrary to what other members can remember.

"Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be."

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Oh dear, really sorry to have stepped on some toes here, but this is a public kind of forum and a message was posted publicly. I was just following up on it lest it stayed "unsupported" forever, as I thought it might, (and seems to have) if anyone can read between the lines here.

Thanks for all the advice, I'll try to care less, next time.
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Its not the waiting for parts to arrive that is the problem,its being told they have been sent and they dont turn up.This has been going on for 3 months now,we missed a parcel one day and had a card put through the door,rang Mark up and he said it was the parts we were waiting for.We drove for an hour and a half through rush hour traffic to get it and it wasnt from mark,rang a week later and he said it was not sent.???????As i have said this has been going on for 3 months now.We are waiting for some parts that have been holding us up since before Christmas.
As to we probably had one of the first chassis out,this is complete crap,why should we pay the same money and have a chassis that is not the same standard as all the others.A couple have also been returned.
My father spoke to Mark this Tuesday to say that i am fed up with him,he said sorry as usual and said he would post the parts personally to arrive here on Friday,guess what, its now Saturday and no sign of the parts yet again.I can make a list as long as your arm of all the problems with our chassis,including missed weld areas,parts that dont fit,and alot of alterations we shouldnt of had to do.Im tempted to post our pictures. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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"Mark emails clients on a regular basis"I have only had emails from Mark when i have email him.We have made around 30 phone calls to him.He has sent 3 emails to us,we are still waiting for the build manual.We have had our MDA for a year now. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif

Ron Earp

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I am moving this post out of All GT40s as it is more of an issue with you and MDA than anything else. Personally, I encourage people to post problems they have or issues they run into with GT40 manufactuers on this site - it is a mechanisim that can provide a checks and balances between consumers and manufactuers.

However, if you do have a problem it is best taken up with MDA and of course you can post your findings or outcome here - but you also must be truthful and back your claims/damages up with proof/documentation/photos. To simply slam a manufactuer verbally without providing much information doesn't do the forum, you, or MDA much good.

Chris, if you are responding on behalf of MDA you'd be better served by posting a public response than a PM. I've seen the story before and when PM's start flying, with public announcements that is what is happening, people get the feeling something is going on behind the scenes.

I'll monitor the thread for abuse and if it seems to be present we'll lock it down.

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I agree.. its public now so MDA have to respond in public to maintain public faith and confidence.
With the advent of this new-fangled interweb its very easy for companies to lose or win favour amongst consumers. So rightly or wrongly this case is out in the open and must be followed thru without slander/abuse to the very end. But this coupled with the statement written in GT40 Entusiasts magazine about JP's MDA being bought back by MDA, makes me curious.
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Ron i agree totally with what you say,things should not get to this stage,its sad that i have to go to these lengths to get a response from someone.The car is my fathers and he has some technical ability but he is not an engineer so i have to arrange time with him to spend on the build as we both work different hours in the day which means arranged time off from our daily duties,so when we are told parts are arriving we plan to get them fitted.We do have full details and pictures of our MDA,all emails sent and recieved,dates parcels were supposed to reach us(advised in advance) but i will not disgrace MDA yet as i have recieved an email from someone that is going to try resolve the problem for me.
I would like to think that a new company that is also expanding would quickly iron out any problems with customers rather than let it get worse than it has.I know MDA is very busy but you have to take care of all of your customers,maybe he has taken on too much.I also think people should speak freely in the forum and not hide behind Pms,this way it gives the individual some power.I know im not alone so why dont more people come out of the woodwork and discuss thier problems. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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Well, since mines here now, I guess I can chime in to an extent. leethac had told me that the accelerator pedal was wrong on his car, "bent the wrong way", mines not and appears fine. (May have been a left hand drive pedal sent for a right hand drive car, who knows really), he also said that the mounts for the steering rack were wrong and had to be cut off and redone, mine is mounted and fits perfect, finally, was told that none of the ally panels would fit, and new ones were sent, but still didn't fit tightly, I haven't begun fitting mine yet, but when I get to that stage, I'll keep all informed during the build process. All in all, my car was shipped and all packaging was well done (very good protection of items) My car took much longer overall to get shipped, but in Marks defense, I told him I wasn't really in a hurry for it. He then offered to double ship my car with a Lola, and the aquisition of the Lola's parts delayed the shipment of my car for some time, as well as the Lola's owner being late in making payments. There were some shortages of specific parts that Mark had to wait for, and some upgrades he made before shipment, then I added a few more parts to be added to my order. I fully expected some teething problems, and as such decided to roll with the punches. (Remember, good things come to those who wait) I have no regrets on my decision to purchase an MDA, and Mark has even thrown in a few pricy goodies for being so patient with him. He didn't have to do this, but it shows some character, imho. See, I've been through some of this before, in 1990, I purchase a Cobra from Classic Roadsters in Fargo, ND. The H*ll I went through with that company makes everything else in life seem like a spilled milk. I currently have a question or two for Mark, but I'm not expecting an instant response as I know he's spending long nights trying to get two cars completed for an event, while trying to handle shipping, orders, emails, phone calls, etc. Bear in mind, I'm not making any excuses, but I will have patience as I don't have a clue as to what all is involved in starting up and maintaining a car manufacturing business.

I think leethac need to spell out all the problems he's had. What type of package he ordered. (did he order the full deluxe kit, or source a bunch of parts himself. What's his background experience with building cars. As Ron said, post photo's and stick to the facts. Then Mark or Chris can make an official response. I'm all for laying it out for everyone to see, but I'll make sure my emotions don't cloud the fact too.

That's all I have to say about that
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Jim Downard
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Hi Ron,

A private email was done so that I could help Lee on a more personal, private level and try to steer him away form more conflict. I don't agree that anything posted is grounds for all to see. If it's taken that there are more going behind the scenes then so be it, the final outcome will be made available to those who really need to know these things.

IMHO, a forum isn't the best vehicle for sorting out issues anyway, as this thread can attest to.


Howard Jones

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When I first started building my GTD 5 years ago I had a unknown, to me, problem with my gearbox. I had no idea what to do as it seamed like it was all jamed up and wouldn't change gears. I was abpout to take it all apart when I posted my problem here. The next day Mark Sibley had sent me photos of inside the rear cover of my R21 along with what to do to fix it. It turned oout to be a very simple linkage problem and I saved a complete tear down. God knows what would have happened if I had done that.

Anyway Mark didn't know me from the Pope and I had never heard of him. Thats my MS story.

I am sure if I had a problem with Mark a simple phone call would get it sorted out.

I an also sure that a lot of people don't know what they are getting into when they buy any of these "kits" Building a GT40 is not for everybody.

Buds right about somthing. If people won't supply a real name and location along with the other details in their profile then they should be ignored.


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I really hoped that we would not get into this but in my opinion, this recent tirade about MDA is neither ethical nor justified.

My own car is built very well, this task made more difficult for MDA as I requested a completely different geometry and specification from standard and I've never had a problem.
MDA and I have been in regular contact by email and phone during the past year and I have over fifty emails with photos on file regarding details of my build and these were usually responses from Mark within a day maximum, even Sunday evenings.

I have also kept on file, the anonymous mail from those berating this Company and I know that others have done the same.

I doubt that this Company will let anybody down, in fact they are generous to a fault with time and advice regardless of profit, proven by the comments I have had from others and the fact that Mark has spent a lot of his own precious time finding special parts for me.
There are many guys out there like me appreciate their MDA's and perhaps Howard's right and this includes some who know the ramifications of buying and building one of the most difficult kit types on the market.
Incidentally, this is my first build and I doubt if I need a manual of instruction.

I am affiliated to MDA, but only as a very satisfied customer.

Ron Earp

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I certainly hope that the matter is resolved quickly. Reports from owners here indicate that folks are happy and I've heard the same from the UK. Leethac should take the matter up with MDA if there is indeed an issue and get it resolved then report back here. Or, Mark from MDA should simply post the situation here or through one of his agents so the matter can be put to rest.

I trust that the forum is serving the proper purpose, that is, to help owners get things resolved, and is not being put to poor use here with name calling and mud slinging. Doing so would be an abuse of the service and does none of us any good.

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I rarely post on this forum as I find it a little one sided at times. Though this latest ill feeling from one of our clients seems to need a response. For future reference, I dont not view this website often, in fact it is the first time in a year. Therefore, if you need to contact MDA use the correct e mail address or call. I do not answer to comments made here on the forum, as I said, I dont view here often. If you do not get a response via e mail within 48 hours, maybe its because the mail did not go through, its happened to me hundreds of times. Do not think its because we ingonre people, because we definitely do not.

Im not going to be drawn out to the personal feelings on the clients postings, though i will make certain comments. The parts he is waiting for left here on Friday by parcel post. Most of them are FOC. We like many of the other manufacturers suffer from supplier delays,last year was an exceptional year for delays. Time has flown past and still some items do not materialize. This has been the same for cars in the build also.

We have invested a lot of time and money into the product we know is generally good. We have just purchased more engineering equipment, lathe, plasma cutting, TIG, folders, Plant etc. We have now employed two new members of staff: David Fincham Head of engineering ( ex College Tutor of engineering) and Steven Pester motorsport technician. We have now made sensible investments in the Stock here at MDA as to having the correct parts on the shelf for the in build clients. People who order a full build car or full package order are assured that when it leaves, we endevour to have all parts included. If not then our promise is to have parts shipped at the earliest convenience. Though I will also make this comment, the reason for leadtimes is that some parts are very rarely in stock at any given time. We are not a Ford dealership where all the parts are available in 5-10 days. Anyone wishing to purchase parts afterwards will be reminded that parts are specially made to order and that can take 5-12 weeks.

These problems seem to have been caused by two things: one is that the parts are not always on the shelf when asked for. Two that other parts have been grafted to suit the build and are not right for the purpose intended. The first item is being dealt with, we are holding and making more stock. The second item: I will and have always given my best advice to clients over the 18 years in the replica car world. I have never completely fallen out with anyone and have always strived for a workable solution. As usual no one remembers the hundred things you did right....

As i said above the parts have gone to the client, late, but now left. Though I will say that this use of abuse on this site is not the best way to solve anything. If anything, it makes relationships more strained, I know Im feeling a little f...... unappreciated right now!!!

On another note: Daniel Oloffson of Sweden has a great site to view, I didnt realise he had taken so many pictures, must have had a hidden camera.. Great work Daniel.

Chris Martino, many thanks for your extended work on the new site, help with Canadian regs, T C regs, replies to other clients over the pond (taking the load off MDA a little) and for being a great guy (Lisa too) looking forward to meeting you both soon...

James and others in the MDA supporters club, many thanks for your help and calls. When the MDAs start hitting the streets, people will notice.

Well this is the longest post ive ever made so I will bring this to a close by saying the following: The anonymous e mailers that hide behind the internet to post slanderous comments to others livelyhoods, come clean, tell us who you are and how qualified you are to make the comments. And to others that receive these mails, post them if there is any truth to them, the general community will know. Some of these people are individuals that think that they are correct about everything, how can anyone person make that claim. In future, if these people insist, they will be named and shamed. We have your e mail addresses and your internet IDs.

To those that know me, my best regards..


Robert Logan

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Off all the people on this forum I know how difficult this industry is and how the voice of few can make so much of a difference.

The forum is very much a "double edged sword" and can be a great communication tool but can also allow people with agendas to speak without being seen. I for one am very sorry with what has happened here. I am aware of your good work and the help you have shown non MDA owners. Keep your head up and all will turn out well for you , I hope.

Best wishes,

Re: Calling MDA Owners(poor souls)

Yes 3 of our five items have arrived and i thankyou for it, hope to see the others in the near future.
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I regret to say that like Leethac, I experienced similar frustrations with some parts being considerably delayed or never arriving from MDA, even though I had checked that they were in stock before placing my order. Whilst I do appreciate that at times this is often outside of their control as they are beholden on their suppliers, what is difficult to accept is when repeated correspondence over many months is ignored. However, I am pleased to say that my particular problems were eventually resolved, but it was disappointing that I had to resort to the courts to obtain a refund.