Canadian Dealer for MDA Cars

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chris Martino, I am a newbee to this forum but have visited this website many times. I have to say, this is an excellent place to find information about these cars and the people who own and build them.

Just a quick heads-up to let everyone know that after some heavy duty investigation and discussions, I have established a company called Race Car Replicas to import the MDA GT40 into Canada. RCR was formed with the blessing of Mark Sibley, a fantastic gentleman that has gone out of his way to assist me! RCR will be importing the MDA GT40 MKI, MKII and the Lola T70 BIII into Canada. Canadian import laws are very substantial and complex but after doing my homework have found they can be met to bring the cars over.

I will have more information about RCR, our website etc in the coming weeks. I look forward to fulfilling the dreams of those who have always wanted to own this legendary machine.

Thanks for your time.

Chris Martino
Race Car Replicas
Authorized MDA Dealer
I have move this to the maufacturers section. As a suggestion. You can save it as a favourite thread and then when you have any updates, you can just post to this, similar to what a lot of the forum members do when they update news on their cars/projects. Welcome

Hello All, Firstly I have been in contact with Chris for some time now. We have discussed all the possibilities for MDA to export their cars to Canada and the USA. I have found Chris to be totally thorough and very informative surrounding the Canadian import and legalities. I know MDA have found a solid basis to work with Chris and RCR.

Congrats Chris, Brett just mailed me to wish us luck. There are a few sound guys here on the forum. some firm but fair, some lean towards the product they own (which in essence the would have to as it was their choice.) But now there is more choice,which we believe is only a good thing.

Choice is what we do have. The Mark l Mark ll and now the space frame Lola T70 MKlllB. I will clarify the latter.

The Lola T70 MKllB that Mr Derek Bell is now offering for sale is from the old GTD Body tooling. This was taken from an original Eric Broadley Carbon Fibre body. I worked for GTD when this was made, there can be NO disputes about this.

Eric Broadley had given GTD permission to use the body for tooling. The GTD demonstrator was made using the Carbon original bodyshell (the yellow car) This had a quick 400hp Ford 302 and a Renault gearbox. This is the car I took to two Swedish shows and broke 187mph on the Autobahn! It was a phenominal car. But I knew then, it could be better.

The Down force was incredible. A few of the orignal T70 owners will verify that is is a truly great car to use. But if feel that Monocoque cars have a shelf life and the aluminium types of the T70 always have movement problems. Many are always in a constant state of repair. Ally like stainless is quite brittle over time.

If the Bell Performnce Lola was going to be a better version than the GTD space frame car, it had better have a great frame chassis: thats where MDA steps in.

From my time at GTD I learnt many things. How to and not to build cars and design parts. nearly nine years with the most prolific GT40 manufacturer ever (GTD over 400 cars in twelve years) gets you used to seeing cars, good cars and bad. I didnt want to make the same mistakes.Ive driven many cars and watched the dashboard move as you corner! This doesnt inspire you with confidence. Hence why it has taken MDA a long time to offer a body chassis kit.

It uses no scrapyard parts. It has no comprimises as far as the design is concerned. Safety is paramount. Side impact is therefore standard in the chassis,with double bracing in the sill areas. Our chassis is strong yet still light. All parts have been tested to a high level. Most MDA upgrade parts have been used as standard in our chassis kits.

The Chassis will accept a variety of power units and three main types of gearbox: Renault, ZF and Audi. We are now the World wide agent for the Renault Quaife upgrade kits supplied by Bell Performance as well as the Lola. We are now Jongbloed wheels UK distributor.

We now have dealers in Germany, which will cover Austria and Switzerland. And a Dutch agent to cover Belgium also.

Today I would like to Welcome Chris Martino of RCR. This is an exiting time for MDA to have such a smart man promoting our products in Canada. Best of luck Chris.

If anyone requires further information on MDA or RCR, please mail in the usual way or visit MDAs website until RCR is fully up and running and publishes the site address.

For all those in the South Coast of the UK next weekend 15 16 of November, The Great Western Kit car Show is happening. It will be a superb display of English talent im sure. Some even mentioned a Michelargo Replica! Of Course we will be there with the MKlls and the Lola Courtesy of Derek until the new car is ready for showing. You will have a Bell/MDA Lola in the USA very shortly! Its nearly finished here and due for export soon.

Next year another new model........

Regards to all

Mark Sibley
Hi Brett,

Thanks for moving my posting to it's correct location. I should have known better-

I appreciate your assistance and look forward to becoming a regular contibuter to this forum.

Thanks again!


You clearly you wanted to import the best 40 replica in the business! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Seriously though, I don't think you will find a better company to deal with. My dealings with MDA have been superb. The product is truly superb, in every respect. And Mark is a true gentleman.

Your Canadian customers will be for a real treat.


Hi J.P

You're absolutely right about Mark Sibley, a fantastic guy that builds fanstatic cars.

I want to see a GT40 club in Canada in the next few years. The 40 is an extreemly rare car here, I personally don't know of anybody who owns one.

The bottom line is to have at least one MDA GT40 MK I shipped first and a MK II shipped over some time afterwards. I am by no means a wealthy guy, but people need to see and hear the cars to commit. As I told Mark, I didn't offer my services purely based on making a lot of money, I have always had an addiction to these cars and want badly to see them on the roads here, make the importing a worry free process for so many Canadians who I personally think, just gave up trying.

I will let eveyone know when the website goes live, should be by the end of this month. Until then



Howard Jones

Would It be a easier thing to import from Canada to the US than from England to the US? It would be less expencsive I would think along with shipping being easier and cheeper. Of course the cost of shipping across the Alantic would hbe in the price.
Do you plan to sell to US customers? I have been getting questions about my car and since it is a GTD I am also sort of a MDA man. I also believe Mark is a sraight up guy and wouldn't mind recomending him or his company. Good luck on your new business. Don't take a wooden nickel!
Hi Howard,

I will certainly be shipping to the USA when asked. As far as the shipping from the UK, in the end, it will be a huge pain in the rump to bring the car through Canada and then ship to the US. My suggestion would be for RCR to arrange the shipment direct from MDA to the US destination. The shipping cost won't be a whole lot more and like I said, will eliminate the need for Canada Customs to poke their noses into the matter and their greedy little hands.

If you have anyone interested, by all means, forward them on to either myself or Mark at MDA and we'll see what we can do.

By the way, the MDA GT40 MK II is a beast!!! 427 powered and absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for the support!

No nickles please-

Chris Martino
Race Car Replica's
MDA Canada Dealer