CANAMSA - SA stratch build

Hi Dave

Thanks for the interest, at the moment I am making progress on welding some of the chassis sections together.

Having some problems uploading pics though so I have to sort that out before I can show anything.


Fred W B
Hi Fred

I just stumbled onto this website by accident today. I am in the process of going through the pains of doing the "design work" as well. However, I have been infatuated by the T70 Mk3b since I was maybe just out of diapers as I got a scale model as a christmas gift once and it was over. Sadly as with a lot of of toys this model "disintegrated" I think you understand engineering minds.

Anyway, I am digressing. I have started looking into the chassis and am thinking of going the long and hard route of actually producing carbon fiber. Just before you ask the question, NO I am not a retired millionaire but in time you can achieve wonders. Looking at you and your project just motivated me more.

I think most South African engineers must be a bit nuts anyway :)

Well done, it is a great project
By the way, just before anyone slams me on my comment about South African engineers. I am a South African engineer just working is a different hole :)
Hi Mike

Thanks for interest, I'm still here but not made much progress on the project lately, been doing some renovations on the house if I need an excuse.

Should be able to get on with the front section of the chassis soon though, rear section is pretty much done.


Fred W B
Hi Fred
Good to hear from you, sent you a message on FB messenger, now the kids tell me, I have to "ADD" you first, anyway old age:huh:. Wanted to chat to you about the 016 gearbox bolt pattern you posted on locostbuilders. Also doing big renovations at home for the last time, been at it for 13yrs. Making space for grandchildren's cots, new windows etc. If you have time please send me your e-mail. Can't wait to start building the GT chassis. Using a '72 Ford 351C engine and 016 gbox.:thumbsup: Kind Regards.
been doing some renovations on the house if I need an excuse.

That's only acceptable if it includes a bigger garage LOL We miss your updates on such a cool car.
Cheers Mike
Hi Mike
Definitely with you on Fred's cool car and updates, miss them, a very real inspiration for me and masses of great information:2thumbsup:.

However, I back-up Fred on the renovations excuse, hard work, for me hard work at 61, I do it all myself, only way I can afford it, but great satisfaction:pleased:
Thanks guys.

Here is one picture of the tail mounting mock up and exhaust fitment. I will have to shorten the pipes a little to let the tail open


Fred W B

Wow looking great Fred. On the rear: you could do what a friend of mine did on his race car. He'd put pins in horizontally in the fire wall. So the edge of the rear section couldn't lift during high speed from air pressure under the hood. On the rear support that was also the pivot. He made it slotted so you could first pull it to the rear (& off the pins) before lifting. Made an "L" slot so you pulled it back then it dropped into the vertical portion to be pivoted. Something like that & you could leave the exhaust sticking out the back. Hope my explanation is clear enough .
So....I just found this forum, and have been pouring through this build.
How did we go?
Did the car end up being finished?
It has been nothing short of astonishing reading through and seeing all the top notch work. Got me so dam inspired to finally begin my journey!
Hi Guys

I'm still here, and back working on the project. Making good progress on the chassis, must put some pics up soon. All the wishbones are made, the drive shafts are made, and soon I will need to get the fuel tanks made.


Fred W B