Car Shop Inc - Attaboy!

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
I'd like to let everyone know what a good purchasing experience I had with Car Shop Inc. They consistently met or beat competitors prices which allowed me to purchase some very high quality parts and VERY good prices and all from one place. For instance: Crower 6651H-16 solid roller lifters, the most commonly used lifters in NASCAR, for $459.00. The only thing considered of higher quality are Jesels which would cost ~$2000.00. I had posted on the forum that Summit had the best prices on ARP fasteners; well, CarShop Inc. and Tim, the very helpful salesman, met every single price and had the 4 bolt SVO main stud kit in stock where Summit would have taken 'till the end of November to get it. Tim also worked with me in compiling this list, changing it, adding to it and removing from it over a 2-3 week time period. No matter what I changed, and my list was a bit smaller until I added the ARP stuff the day after placing my order, he didn't back off any of the price concession he had given me since I had a smaller order. The few things not in stock were told to me right up front with no attempts to blow smoke up "me arse!"

Lastly, in addition to being able to buy your parts from one place at GOOD prices, it is really nice to have one throat to choke if you have any issues down the road. Not having to rack your brain to remember which vendor you bought which part from is worth something; at least this is an issue for me since I have an advanced case of CRS. Bye the way, don't assume that, since you can't find something on their online catalog, they don't have it. Ask first as I did with several of the off the wall parts like the SVO 4 bolt main stud kit: not listed but it was in stock!