Cav gt40 for sale uk

I see at the Autosport Show yesterday that there was a GT40 rep for sale, they were asking £69k for it, a dealer was selling it, to be fair I didn't think it was all that, not done many miles at all, looked a bit rough in my opinion but there were chaps looking around in, so even at that price there must have been interest.
A very interesting show and nice place to spend a day!!
Yep there will be a few more Q plates....there was a GT40 on ebay a few months ago and the dealer stated it was registered on a 67 Ford Coupe and offered to put a Q plate to be legitimate.....still wanted £70k

When I bought my Q GTD it was still worth spending money on....I call it my scalextric car now....


Ian Anderson

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I suppose that converting a GT40 like this to left hand drive can not be that difficult?
Not that simple.
Centre tunnel with cooling pipes tends to be offset to the passenger side to allow chill mounted gearchange

Off course the pipes may be routed out near the fuel tanks and it might have a centre shift, in which case a bit easier. Surely though you could register and drive a right hand drive car?