CAV Stub axels

Is the CAV stub axel made specially for a CAV or is it a part that was used on a production model car? I see a early and a upgrade mentioned also can anyone shed some light?
Hi Dave, the CAV axles are made just for those cars.
Many CAV's have suffered failures of the stub axle and or CV's.
I can supply a custom stub axle that is made out of much better material and is properly heat treated.
If your car has the 90mm one piece stub axle and CV then you will need to replace the axles as well and I can supply those too.
David, Forgive my ignorance but can you post some photos of the stub axles...I'd like to see what you're referring to and the ones you're offering. Thanks.
Hi Jimmy, I will post some pictures when I can find them!
So far I have fitted 2 CAV's, both with 427 Windsors w 500+ HP and they are working fine.
One of those cars sheared 2 sets of CAV factory (Race) axles, the other car I installed them during the build.
see attached, the old "snapped" stub axel and the new stub from dave. after shearing two sets of stub axels and doing my very best to break daves, i can attest, dave's axels work great.
i highly doubt there was any heat treating on the original CAV stubs and would be very weary of running them. i snapped them with ease
dont have any install pictures


Randy V

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Judging by the depth and length of the splines - I can only presume that the bearings ride on the hub that the wheels are connected to. This leaves precious little "axle" to torsionally absorb the load/shock from hitting pot-holes to violent application of power.
It's normal for axles to twist a little to absorb these types of shock. Seeing this makes me question why it was designed the way it was...
CAV took the old GTD and upgraded it. The set up will work well if you have good parts.
The inner hub bearing is from a 5 Series BMW.
My stub axles are the same as what is used in Trophy Trucks, the best you can do with the existing set up from CAV.
The other option might be Corvette uprights or SPF or some other design, I am not familiar with what is used in a Tornado or other manufacturers. there may be many good options out there.
Hi Kenny, I can supply the stub axles.
I have them custom made by a machinist who makes similar parts for off road race trucks.
You can PM me for details.
I don't see a cir-clip or ring groove on the good new axle or on the broken one. What holds the stub axle in the hub on this CAV design? I can find any info on how to get them apart or any diagrams/photo..............Inquiring minds............
Rich, I don't have a diagram, but I can tell you there's a large nut which goes on the end of the stub axle, affixing the axle in the hub bearing and also attaching it to the flange to which the pin drive bolts up to. It's machined with a tolerance such that the axle nut is torqued down tight and there's still running tolerance.

On my CAV the axle nut was torqued down to around 600ft/lbs. It took me a while to figure out how to get that nut off without doing damage. In the end I bought a 1" truck axle impact wrench. With 150psi it eventually came off without damage to anything. Took it up to only 400ft/lbs on the way back in.