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Please be advised that Norman Falkiner has contacted Mr Logan who has confirmed that SPENCER MARSH and his Roaring Forties Ltd. (in the UK) has nothing to do with Roaring Forties. This posting is in relationship to the attempt to sell CAV cars at the NEC show in Birmingham UK as part of what might be a
potential 'scam' for a minor race series around Europe and charging €200,000(euros)
SPENCER MARSH formerly worked for GTD and there is another much longer thread on this site under Consumer Watch.
PS:Ron, I hope you dont mind me bringing this back to 'ALL GT40' but I think it should be prominent for a while until this all goes away.
David Morton.

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David Thanks for posting here..Got your suggestion on the other post this morning. Robert logan was certainly upset with this Spencer Marsh using the Roaring Forties name. It says something about this guy if he has to ride on the back of someone else's reputation. Pity the consumer forum can't be linked to HIS web site. Regards

David Morton

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Please be advised that Clyde in New Zealand who was expecting a consignment of Parts from GTD to repair his car will be making an announcement about his consigment and why he cannot collect it from the shipping company.
I will leave Clyde to explain it in depth
what has now happened but it seems the 'SPENCER MARSH' saga and GTD in particular have defaulted one time too many. If the man who is attempting to
start a company called roaring forties ltd (lower case intended) reads any of this, what have you got into and what caliber people are you employing?
Everybody with any interest in GT40s worldwide is reading this and quite a few of us will not let up until you sort what you are calling your company....
David Morton

David Morton

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I am posting this on behalf of Clive in New Zealand.
He is currently facing another bill
from the freight forwarding company that GTD used to send his consignment from the UK to New Zealand. It transpires that the £750 ($1200) that HE paid to GTD for shipping was NEVER paid to the freight forwarding company to pay the shipping company and SPENCER MARSH/GTD/SPENCER MARSH'S FATHER (what other inference can I draw) kept this money. Clyde will have to pay this money again if he is to ever see his spares. Additionally GTD/MARSH charged Clyde £750 and the bill we are talking about was only in the region of £550. Now, as far as I know and am concerned , this in English law is fraud by the GTD management and attempt to defraud by whoever Clyde was dealing with at that company at that time.
As far as I know Clyde has been unable to access his consignment to check if the required parts have been shipped.
It is curiously silent from MARSH (either senior or junior).
We are talking a serious BLACKBALL from now on where ever MARSH reappears - if he ever does !
Clyde, you need a solicitor to sort this out NOW in the courts in England. Don't let MARSH hide behind the liquidation of companies rules. You have right on your side big time.
MARSH - what you have done is unforgivable.

David Morton

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Hello there everybody,
Yes it is us again, not with very joyful news unfortunately.
Our parts arrived in NZ last Sunday 19th January, yippee, but not so yippee now as the shipping company in the UK will not allow them to be realeased (which we can understand) because they have not been paid for the freight. We couldn't understand how they let them go with no payment but they explained that side of it to us.
As we have had a Public holiday here in Auckland today nothing could be done.
We are waiting to hear back from the UK shipping company as to how they want paid which looks like; is the only way out of this mess now. But I also want confirmation that this will release our parts, as everyday they sit in Auckland we are being charged.
We will be back when we find out more news.
Suzanne and Clyde.


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I have just received an Email from Cyde and Suzanne about their shipment. I am posting it here to keep the topic alive and the name of SPENCER MARSH on everybodies lips.

"Here is the news you have been waiting for:-
I have one sour husband, who I could not let near the computer or it would blow up. Crate finally [arrived] home today and have opened to find roughly £857 worth of parts not included as promised.
We were supposed to attend a GT40 get together tonight but he was in no mood to go anywhere.
I have sent some photos (for fun) along with a note to Ron Earp to put on the forum.
Clyde will resource what else he needs from here....
..... the liquidators wouldn't even consider putting our name on the list.
So there you have it - not a very happy end to the can only get better from here on in.
What goes around comes around and we hope that SPENCER MARSH will suffer somewhere along the track (sic-my comment/dm)one day so lets hope it is sooner rather than later.
kind regards
Suzanne and Clyde"

Form your own conclusions guys...
Let the name MARSH, both Spencer, and his father (ROGER?) be a warning in any dealings
with anything cars or other wise. This was out and out fraud perpetrated against one of our community in the GT40 world and SPENCER MARSH continued to tell lies even at the show at the NEC.
SPENCER MARSH - we know who and where you are. You will always be reminded of what you did from what ever stone you crawl out from under, or where ever you crop up again.
David Morton.
This information about the Marsh clan will spread like a grassland fire. Hopefully, no one will do business with these clowns, and they will fade into (bad) memories.

Sorry to hear about your husband's terrible ordeal. Hopefully, something positive will somehow come from all this.

Bill D

David Morton

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Black list - a good idea!
Perhaps a slight adjustment on the title
to make it PC in these enlightened times.
No - sod it - black list is fine - we know what is meant !!
I am sorry to hear about your troubles!
I know the drill...

Here are two moore frauds to watch out for...

Portello Works/Mark Guinther
Chula Vista, CA

And liquidated FPM motorsports/Paul Fischer
3263 Monier Circle, Unit H, Rancho Cordova, CA. A new company has taken over business.
Might be some of the same A** holes working for the "new" company !!?, even took over their ph number !

Watch out for these companies and the guy´s.

A black list would not hurt !


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Well, in my opinion and experiences..
I have lost money and got nothing.
And the persons involved has not acted truthfully.
Been lied to long enought til company has liquidated...
Or after massive amount of communication, you still end up with nothing, except the money you paid are lost...
So if you do not get goods, when paid..
No returns or explanations worthwhile..
Then it is a clear case of a fraud...
How many times does someone have to screw up to be "black listed"
It would be all too easy to have a difference of opinion regarding a service or product and then you may tarnish their otherwise perfect reputation......just playing Devils advocate