Changing my 347 Stroker Engine

Dave Hood

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Paul Whitlock removed my original engine today and we're going to be upgrading to a 363 Ford Dart block engine being built by Prestige Motorsports in Concord, NC. Should generate 500hp out of the new engine and it will be a nice upgrade. Will still be running my Borla Eight Stack system with Fast 2.0 EFI. Should hopefully have the new engine in within 6-8 weeks. Really excited to be working with Paul and the team at Prestige Motorsports. I'll post an update once the engine is in.

What do you think of the Fast 2.0 with the 8 stack.
Did it self tune ok or did you need to play to get it right?
Are you sure you can re use the manifold for the intake. 347 is 302 based / 363 is 351 based?

different height / width blocks


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
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The Dart 363 is a 302/5.0 block.
The 363 is a 347 crank ( 3.4") and a 4.125" bore that can be bored to 4.185" if you want more cubic inches.

Dave Hood

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My old motor put out around 480hp, so a bit less than the new one. Paul Whitlock set up the Fast 2.0 system with the Eight Stack intake. He was really pleased with how well things came together, and the self-tuning worked really well. As part of the engine upgrade, however, we're going to upgrade the ECU to this FAST XFI Sportsman set-up which can be custom tuned.