Chassis colour - Silver/grey or Black?

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So I am trying to decide on the chassis colour for my Tornado TS40. It's between Satin black or a silver/grey colour? I like the black chassis as it offers a good contrast on components such as the brakes or anything in chrome. However I like the silver/grey as it blends more with all the aluminum panelling.

Which would I be better going for and would a lighter colour chassis get dirty a lot quicker and look a bit tired over time? Also would a lighter colour chassis make it easier to work?


Not a 40 builder, but I personally like the black. The lighter gray & silver colors really do make it much easier to locate any broken welds or cracks on a tubing or spaceframe. For my aluminum mono with billet suspension parts, I have spent countless hours simply polishing it like the jewelry that it is.
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Scott Calabro

The only issue I see other than personal preference, is that with any color other than black, you have to be very mindful of sealant squeeze out.

Excess is really noticeable with colors other than black.

To make matters worse, most solvents that remove sealant also will damage powdercoat.

Randy V

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I prefer the lighter colors myself...

On literally all of my racecars the chassis has either been silver or dove gray.
On my GT40 I plan on having the entire chassis powder coated in Titanium color..

The black chassis that I've seen seem to get dingy quickly and yes they hide cracks which can appear in any of these cars quite easily particularly if they are full rose-joint/heim equipped...

edit 2 - Scott, my FFR racecar I painted the chassis silver and used a silver RTV to bond the aluminum panels.. Worked like a charm!
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