Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build


Engine Mounts, Research and Development

The engine brackets that mount on the engine are Jaguar XKE hardware, available from a number of Jaguar parts suppliers or from Ebay. The challenge was the rubber engine mounts that go between the engine and chassis. The engine mounts provided by RCR are 1.5” tall and will not fit.

In order to determine what would work, six spacers two inches in diameter, were cut from half inch plywood. Experimenting with these spacers suggested that engine mounts about an inch thick would be optimal. A bit of research revealed that original Jaguar engine mounts, used on many cars including the D Type and XKE, happened to be an inch tall.


Once satisfied we were on the right track, a pair of original Jaguar XKE rubber engine mounts were ordered from XKs Unlimited, Part number CO 4794. This is one of the most inexpensive parts we have bought for this project. The difference between the RCR supplied mounts and the Jaguar mounts is apparent in this picture


Blue tape was placed on the chassis and engine supports and reference points marked with a Sharpie so that we could assure the two sides were symmetrical as we experimented with the set up.


The oil filter bracket and filter on the right side of the engine bumped against the chassis when the engine was set on the Jaguar mounts. By adding about a half inch stack of washers on that side, the engine could be shifted to the left enough to add about a half inch of clearance. This shift should have no practical affect either cosmetically or functionally, other than providing the needed clearance for the oil filter. We are going to explore the option of either using a remote filter or finding an alternate oil filter with a smaller three inch diameter, which should clear the chassis.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding remote oil filter adapters let me know. I need a unit approximately three inches wide, not too tall, lines out the side, and likely with -10 fittings.

At this stage measuring, experimenting and checking things with the level is ongoing. Not a single hole has yet to be drilled.


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Chuck, not aware of any contemporary remote filter kits. Plenty of spin on adapters that you could work off to adapt to a remote although the stack up and sealing would be a challenge. Tecalemit made remote adapters for XK's back in the day. I've seen a number of them, banjo fittings and all. They are a bypass style filter. A web search should pop these up. Vintage speed!


Neal and Ian: Thanks for the tips. After some more thought and work, I am leaning to replacing the existing filter with one that is narrower in diameter and modifying the engine mounts to add another 1/2" space for the filter. So I will likely keep the existing mount and not go with a remote filter. More details once I sort out the issue.


Transmission Support

To support the T5 transmission a stock Mustang Tremec T5 was used. We ordered it from Summit Racing, Part Number SDK-C4DZ-6068-A. A frame will be needed to raise it and support it at the proper height above the floor of the tunnel. In the meantime we made an interesting discovery.


With the engine setting level, left to right, the shifter housing also sat level. That is a good thing. But the mounting bracket on the base of the transmission, directly below the shifter was 5/16” higher on the left side than the right. Gary at American Powertrain, Cookeville, TN, answered the question. A stock T5 was intended to be canted to the driver’s side on left hand drive cars. Typically American Powertrain would machine the base to set level in Jaguar cars, but this one somehow slipped by. Although they graciously offered to address the issue I declined. It will be easier to adjust the mounting bracket to accommodate the tilt than packaging and returning it. Moral of the story: when ordering at T5 for this application be sure to remind the sales person to level the rear mount.