Coolant expansion tank question

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Ben, anytime you want to talk give me a call. Drop me a email and I'll forward my phone #.
Ben - As I mentioned to you, there are a bunch of good people out there who are more than willing to help you through any issues you may come across. Obviously, Fran is another great resource but he's a very busy boy!

Be sure to let me know when your car is delivered - I'd love to see it.

Dave L
Sorry for the delayed response guys. We've been getting crushed in the ER, and I just haven't had the energy to simply breathe when I get home.

All I can say is thank God you guys are here. Three nights ago I had a dream that the entire crew from Overhaulin' appeared in my garage and built the car in 17 minutes.

I was just about to hit the start button for the first time, when one of my cats jumped on my head and woke me up. :furious:

Anyone want to adopt a cat.......or maybe 4 of 'em?:lipsrsealed:

Dave, you know I'll be calling you when it arrives. Should you start to tinker with your car, call me and I will be glad to lend a hand.

Howard, I've been collecting phone numbers and email addy's, and I definitely want yours on my list.

I'll take a chill pill or two and try to avoid figuring out every single little aspect of the build prior to delivery of the car. :thumbsup: Half of the fun should be creatively figuring out issues/unknowns as they surface.

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Resurrecting this old thread. I'm looking at the coolant tank options - I like the look of the Moroso and Canton polished aluminum tanks but I now have the RCR supplied ISIS wiring system. I'm wondering if Fran went with the Dorman to move the tank off of the bulkhead which now appears to be occupied by the ISIS modules?

I know the tank should be mounted as high as possible. In looking at the mounting of the Dorman it appears to not be that high being mounted on the chassis rail. Is this a concern or is it still high enough to be effective?

Thanks for any input.

Dave L
Apologies in advance for the pictures. :cry:

This is the tank I'm using. Designed to fit in the space under the body on the left side of the car, there is no interference with the ISIS module or the GM ECU. It is also mounted about as high as one can mount such a tank.

The underside view shows the 3/4" and 5/8" barbs to convert the heater hose to the same size on the way to the 4-port heater valve. There are also ports for the steam vents (all 4 of them combine into one AN line) and the rad bleed hose.

The neck has a barb to run to a coolant overflow tank that I still have to design and fab.

The tank fits perfectly and clears the body, the engine and the down-tube from the roll cage. Took a little time and effort to make it just right. :)

I will wrap it and the bulkhead in gold foil, probably, when it gets to final install.

If I were using the Dorman tank, I'd be sure to mount it as high as possible.

The Canton and other tanks don't have all the connections we need, IMO, which is why this one is on my car..

Well, that, and I like stuff like this.
RIP OFF! :jester:
Our people will be contacting your people.

Credit where credit is due: I forgot to acknowledge that my design was a blatant copy of Rob's. Except better. :heart:

But where else do we get our best ideas, except from others? :)

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Rob and Will -

VERY nicely done! Now did either of you make drawings so those of us who don't have the fabrication skills you do can have tanks made?

Dave L
I don't know about Rob (nobody does, really...:worried:) but I just made up a light card stock model because I wanted to check a lot of clearances and didn't have the tools or the measurements for the rest of the car.

PM me your address and I'll untape it and send it to you.

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Re: Coolant expansion tank question - group buy?

I've contacted Rob as he was the designer and initial fabricator of the tank - and he is fine with this. Will is sending me his cardboard mock-up of the tank so I can convert it to CAD. I'll be having one made for my car. The plan is to have the components water jet cut and professionally welded (because I don't have any fabrication skills!). Don't know about cost at this point - anyone else interested in having one fabricated? The more parts made the lower the cost!

Dave L
Ben, I know what you mean about being in over your head !
I have been working on my car for three weeks now and I still have WAY more questions than answers !!