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Mike Drew

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Years ago a friend was kind enough to let me borrow his vacuum-powered cooling system filling tool, and was even kinder to let me keep it here more or less indefinitely, since I'm always working on either my car or somebody else's.

My Pantera has been in the air for months undergoing the world's slowest brake system upgrade, part of which required draining the cooling system. The brakes are all plumbed now so today I chose to reinstall the hose I had to remove, and fill it up.

With my Iphone lying handy I decided to show how this tool works. It's brilliant!

Cooling system filling tool

Unfortunately, this particular model is no longer available from Harbor Freight Tools where he got it. A different company offers several competing designs however.

Cooling Tools | UView

This tool is one of the best investments I ever would have made, had I actually made it! Having a friend who just lets me keep it is even better!

(As an aside, why is it that when I post a link to a Youtube video, it comes across simply as a naked link, whereas when others do it, you actually see a Youtube window with the video in view???)

I second that endorsement. Only because of a previous posting about the AirLift product, did I purchase it. It has reduced my fill and burp time down from what was an all-day event of heat/burp/cool, with bleed ports at all the high places in the system, to a single 15 minute process (includes set-up/tear-down and cleaning) where no burping is necessary. A true necessity for those odd coolant systems we use in our projects. I fill the entire system (roughly about 11 liters) in about 5 minutes solely through a 3/8" hose that connects the overflow reservoir to the block. Using gravity alone made that a multi-hour ordeal before the AirLift was used. I no longer dread the idea of draining the system for maintenance or repair.

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I have one of those too they are great.


And Mike:
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Mark Charlton

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I've had it for four or five years but I think the same kit is still available. You must have this with all your Panteras and now the GT40?