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Easiest way to keep a 600hp+ monster cool at idle. I am not sure my car will overheat yet as the work isn't done, but I want to be proactive. Want my car cool in 80 degree humid weather. Any tricks or expensive overkill parts?

Ian Anderson

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As thick a radiator as possible probably 5 core pipes thick. (3 to 3.5 inches) And as many core pipes and fins per inch as you can get!

A single deep nostril panel to allow as much air through as possible.and keep or away from the footwell area of the cockpit to help keep you cool.

Ultra high flow twin 12 inch puller fans, probably running 2500 plus cfm each.

An oil cooler radiator mounted behind the water radiator in the front of the car.

No aircon as the additional radiator would disrupt the airflow through the engine radiator.

Twin fans in the rear clip forcing air past the engine and exhaust towards the rear, I have 400 cfm per side.

Just a rough guess!
As Ian said large radiator and the two biggest fans that will fit. Also shroud the fans well. You will need A/C where you live. My SPF cools OK with the above at 95 degrees. With fans on engine will stay between 90 and 100 degrees. i have a 500hp 427 Windsor.

Terry Oxandale

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But, at idle, how much heat energy are you trying to dissipate? My experience is that the shroud (and fans to a small degree) impedes radiator effectiveness at higher speeds. I'm running 500hp through a 2 row (3" core) that is 26" x 16" with never any overheating (rarely are the fans needed in street traffic).
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Gary Sharapata

Supporter Walt said, your factory CAV radiator will be fine especially in 80 degrees! Walt is in Florida and I'm in Texas and our cars run fine in 100 degrees.

I don't have a current pics of my radiator but here is CAV #180 which is also here in Dallas.


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Nick. my SPF radiator fans are virtually identical to what Gary has in his photo. I don't have any engine fans.


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Thank you guys very much. I am a freak when it come to overkill. I thought you had fans in the engine I should be good then only reaching mid 80's in WI with high humidity. Most of the time it only mid 70's though. Can wait to get mine, its at the shop until end of July rrrrrrrrrr. I am stuck driving my cobra. GT40 was my childhood dream machine and now I finally have one but cant drive it yet. Its torcher I tell ya. I almost bought Kirby's SPF for full price but I was to late he didn't want to sell it, so I pulled the trigger on the CAV before it was gone. I appreciate all the help and info.