Crossover fuel tank system

OK guys, so this does look to be the chassis of my car. It has a lot of correct gt40 detailing. Can anyone tell what year of mono it is meant to resemble? This should test a few of you.
The photos in #28 also show that the "A" pillars are further out than the ones in photos in post #40.
is the Druriy chassis comment supposeds to be the "Terry Drury" chassis?

you can see the square box section at the front of the seat through the opening in spare wheel well.

PS, going to have to get a copy of that book.


Boris T
Ryan, post 28 is the same chassis as pictured above Terry Drury Tribute.

As Graham pointed out, post 40 is a Mirage chassis and the pillars are inset to make the car have smaller front area roof, they look much differents from the front.
PS, It is a very good book yes.

Best regards

Simon, the site is no longer up on the web. If you have a subscription with one of the web archive services, you might be able to recover some of it. Some here may have it chased/stored on their hard drives/web browser history.