Custom transaxle

OK The first problem was a bearing failure due to the arrangement of the main shaft it was an era on my part which I have taken ownership of and repaired, the second fail I believe was the lock nut came off the pinion and destroyed the R&P Which I also offered to repair but this has not been followed up. The upright was a design fault where I used a snap ring to locate what I believed was a shaft that wouldn't have load in that way. The uprights since then are completely different and use a Commodore bearing and axle. Regards Leon
Just a side note, I have learned from all this and the parts I have made since are much better from it. John was the first to get the things I was doing early on and it was unfortunate he was the test man. That was the arrangement I thought we had I made absolutely no money from any of the parts I sold him because again that was the arrangement I thought we had. In fact I made the last trans at my cost because he was not happy with the weight and the shift system of the first one which I redo and use myself. This is not a dig at John it was just that neither of us realized what was really involved and I for one are disappointed how it has turned out. I still believe the trans can be made to work right
Mate you forgot the selector system on the first trans was an absolute joke, and even you stated you weren't happy with it, but you sent it over anyway, and unfortunately i didnt take a picture of it,
there was also the missing selector lock out to stop it selecting two gears at once,
and weight wasn't the biggest concern, although 90 odd KGs was getting up there, it was more the quick change gears, the back of the box was designed so that there wasn't enough clearance to run them in any configuration other that how they were supplied, i couldnt even swap them around to go from an under drive to an over drive, so that was a waste of time.

As for the rear uprights , there was a little bit more to that story, a nissan axle welded into a holden drive flange, that didnt even run true , was so bad you couldnt use the brake pedal properly because of the vibration, the outer taper bearing was only a tap on fit to the axle with no shrink ring to hold it in position, no crush tube between the inner and outer bearing, so there was no preload, and all that was holding together was a circlip, which fortunately failed at the first cnr before he had a chance to gain any speed, thank god.
Leon the only saving grace was that everyone of these "teething problems" happened either on the dyno or at very slow speed, as each one caused a major lock up of the box which could have had serious consequences had it have happened at the speeds the car is capable of.
Mate disappointed is the understatement of the year, i put my trust and money in you ,because i believed in what you were doing. and being on the other side of the Tasman sea makes it a bit hard to check on progress so all i had was your word.
whats left of the trans is sitting under the bench and the offer to buy it back and carry on development still stands.
Nope its still sitting under the bench in pieces i believe as a sacrifice to the gods, has since been replaced with a Sadev.