Dad's New Toy Box


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If you install 2 workbenches say 4 feet wide down one side or better on the wall opposite the garage doors, where will the car go? My dad built the same size garage 35 years ago....I learned from him. It looks like a nice finished garage. Add lots of LED 4' overhead lights. I put in 2 400watt metal-halide high bays, but recently converted them to 100w LEDs. All my other lights are 8x 4 lamp T8s which are now all LEDs. No more ballast replacements and cold weather doesn't affect them. Don't forget room for air compressor and lines. If you drop your power cord for lifts (240V) from the ceiling they will not be on the floor as a trip item. Ceiling fan? Oh yes...nice finished walls for art work.
A friend of mine is finishing his 3rd garage building at 30x60 feet. He still doesn't have enough room to do the level of car care he does. I suggested he not buy anymore cars. Enjoy your new space.
Ok moving along al of the electric roughed in now insulation then drywall put a new electric service in the house first and then a 100 amp service in the new garage with welding outlets quad outlets cable for TV


Ok asking for suggestions on workbench and storage cabinets I have been looking at the Newage Bold series cabinets not bad would anyone have experience with this brand. Also the other question I have is two post lift vs drive on ramp four post I am leaning towards two post and maybe make my own conversion to drive on utilizing the two post I have had this idea for years

Randy V

I have Gladiator cabinets - purchased from Sears during one of their many seasonal sales.
Bench - I bought an 10’ slab of butcher-block counter top from IKEA and laid it on top of a pair of Harbor Freight 4’ long tool boxes...
Lift - I have a very old two post that has a chain across the floor to keep the sides in sync. The chain is covered with steel so you can drive over it. If I had the overhead space, I would have purchased a clear-floor asymmetrical 2 post lift. I really don’t like working on a car with a 4 post lift as it is always getting in my way and I bang my head enough as it is.

I would upload pics, but this forum software won’t resize and I don’t have that ability on my iPad. :furious:
Ok paint job done all electric done ductless system in and running on a 92 humid day it was a comfortable 70 degrees Randy these lights are perfect now after vacation its epoxy floor and car lift


Bill Kearley

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Nice shop, you must be in and set up by now. I love my four post bend pac with a rolling bridge. I may have missed it but did you insall a ceiling fan, a must in my shop.