Delivery at last...CAV #123


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At long last, I took delivery of CAV GT - chasis number 123. A re-creation of the 1969 Rodriguez/Oliver car. (302 / 347 – 450 bhp / Audi 6-speed trans) What a beauty. Superb craftsmanship. exquisite detail. extraordinary attention to detail and flawless execution. Hats off to the whole CAV team. They did an incredible job. John Spence and Jean Fourie are the “real deal”. True gentlemen with a dedication and commitment to this car that they and their customers can be proud of.

How is it? RAW! (did I saw raw?) visceral, aural – Gold’s Gym work-out stuff – but I like getting sweaty sometimes! Something like the old AC Cobras. Not for wusses or posers that's fer sure. The Wilwood 3-pot calipers will have your eyeballs hanging off the mirror if you are not careful. The car is responsive in every way, however, my choice of a ‘high profile’ tire and 15” wheel, do compromise the handling for now – but it does retain a very authentic look.

I did manage about 6 laps at the Killarney Circuit in Cape Town. (See Tiff Nidal’s video) The car handled well -- with lots of feed-back. I did not get on it all that hard, as we only had 300 miles on the brand new car. And I did not want to make a fool out of myself in front of the 5,000 spectators. But at 450 bhp it packs a whollop. The car weighs 2,400+ lbs but feels a bit heavier. Probably due to the non-power steering. There is loads of room in the cockpit – due in part to the floor pans being lowered about 2 inches in all the latest chassis. Plenty of head room.

As you all know, on the road it's a hoot. Got thumbs up from several cops, even while waay above the posted limit. Part of the drive to the house is about 20 miles long with 116 turns along the way. The elevation change and drop off to the ocean below, varies from 20 to 800 feet. An exciting ride. I just know my “personal best” time along Clarence Drive will be broken come February when I next visit. Here are a few photos of the car. My son Rich pictured with the car. Enjoy. I know I did!! :D




Gordo - nice! Looks fantastic. Yup, not for wussies. No cell phones or stereos allowed.

I suspect you'll really get accustomed to your car and find yourself taking the liberty of driving her for some mundane stuff (pick up dog food, HomeDepot runs, etc.) just to get behind the wheel.

Livin' the dream baby!


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Weather there is good for driving 90% of the time. Seasons are reversed from here. Roads are great and topography can be very diverse. I'll be back in Feb. for the Vintage race in Cape Town where Divid Piper will race his original GT40 we hope. David is the guy who drove one of the camera cars in the movie Le Mans.

Chuck - I'm impressed enough I might just bring one here for you to see!!

I'll be honest. I'm getting tired of Gulf colours. BUT, your car does look stunning. And full marks to you for having the balls to use high profile tyres which look so authentic. Congratulations, and drive it as often as possible.


Ian Clark

Hi Gordo,

Welcome aboard. Your car looks fabulous. We'll have to get some CAVs together at show sometime, there's enough of us out there:) Oh yeah, somewhere sunny and warm too...