Design An Emblem?

I just saw this...I ended up making one for mine

The car reminded me of a ended up making some for the front, the back, the sides and the steering wheel.

I wasn't 100% with the badging and then ran stickers and that fit the car a lot better. I have some experience in manufacturing so was able to get some samples done pretty quickly and can mass produce these pretty fast if anyone wants any particular ones.


alright what does the rcr version that will is having done look like.......?
It's a surprise!! It won't be revealed until emblems are done and ready to go. I think I saw a picture of it on Will's SLC on FB but it was from a good bit away so couldn't see the detail. I think it'll be round, best I could tell anyways so don't hold me to that.


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The RCR ad in the latest issue of ReinCarNation magazine featured a new Superlite logo. Just saying...


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The RCR ad in the latest issue of ReinCarNation magazine featured a new Superlite logo. Just saying...
Nice find Pete!! Christmas came early for us I see, been looking forward to seeing what it'd end up being.

That being said, I really dig it. Easily my favorite logo on this thread. Nice looking, simple and looks like no other emblem. Perfect!

Next up is to see the actual emblems when they get finished. I wonder if red will be the accent color or if that can be changed? I say that because red is my least favorite color and would be awesome if it matched the car.
Hello All,

I now have a prototype badge made up from my shield style superlite logo.

Please PM me if you would like 1 or more badges. They are currently $100 per badge since they are hand made in small batches. But if there is massive interest, that cost could come down.

They are made of 1/8" Carbon plate, cut on a CNC and domed in epoxy resin, then sealed with clearcoat for UV protection. The logo is laser cut silver foil.

Not sure if there is still interest due to Fran's official new badges, but I'm making them anyway for my car. :)

Also, if you are interested in the design for stamping leather on headrests or steering wheel leather covers, let me know. I can CNC a leather stamp version as well.