Do not use Schumacher Cargo Logistics in 550 W 135th St, Gardena, CA 90248

Maui Brandhoff

Do not use Schumacher Cargo Logistics in 550 W 135th St, Gardena, CA 90248

If you are planning to ship a GT40/goods to Europe or from Europe to the US don’t use Schumacher Cargo Logistics these guys are crooks and will rip you off your money
Long story short I received an estimate to ship a car from Europe in a 20FT container to the US they quoted me $10k

After I bought the car they raised the shipping of fully $4k more knowing I have no choice after I paid the car in full

On top of that weeks later after I picked up the car at there warehouse they send me an additional invoice of $320 for some bogus storage fees in Europe from their overseas agent where I have no control about it although I picked up the car on the first available day at the US warehouse in California

I have exported many cars before with different shippers ( MTI, CFR, Direct Express ) and they never raised the prices after they quoted me and always honored their estimates.
I've used Schumacher several times to Australia and found them to be highly professional, shipping costs have gone ballistic, seemingly beyond anybody's control, at least tripling during covid.In regards to unknown charges that's par for the industry and seems to be standard practice, fee's with titles that bare no resemblance to anything a lay person can understand being charged by people and or authorities we've never heard of, I get my quotes and add 10k for the hidden extras.The world of logistics and shipping is very strange and not for the faint hearted or light of wallet.
As for Schumacher I happily recommend them.