In need of a windscreen???

Recently I had need of a windshield. Long story.... The small crack I had in the screen had extended to the base of the screen so it was time to get one. Knowing that there is a difference between makes of GT 40s I set out to live with the differences. The differences are the final curvature of the glass. Some have a flatter curve than others. Knowing this difference I was willing to use any manufacturer of GT40s windscreen. I inquired to most if not all of them. Some were polite in their offers and quotes, and some were almost rude over the idea of having to measure their screens to see how close they came to my measurements. When it came to price I measured all on the benchmark of what it would cost me to get one from my now defunct maker DRB(transformed into GT 40 Australia). Seems the manufacturer of the screens is still in business in Australia. To get one from them would cost a mere $300 or so. Shipping would run the cost to just over $1000.
Prices I got from most were about double the initial cost($300), but I would have to drive and pick it up, as potage is not cheap for something that big. The location might not be at their plant. It might be at the other end of the country at the buyer of their 40s house. This raised the price from about the price of the Australia unit to well above their price. Getting it from Australia to my house in Snellville Ga. might also result in it arriving in several pieces delaying the whole process even more. I even considered using Lexan in place of the glass. Found out that process would be more than most of the quotes I had for real glass screens.
Enter my son who worked, at the time of this quest, at a fortune 500 chemical company as a Financial analyst and salesman. He turned me on to one of his clients that specializes in curved and bent glass. The interesting point is that they are based just over the South Carolina border in Anderson S. C. The name of the company is Desman Corp. They make glass cases, any form of bent glass and Marine windscreens. They don't advertise it much but they do automobile glass as well. Mostly rare and/or old exotics or high end cars and trucks. They did one for I believe a 52 Mercedes truck. In talking to Ron Lubsen(president) he told me he had a mold for a GT 40. After talking several times to him, I told him he must have one for a Ford GT(more logical....right?). In any event he assured me that he could "tweak" the mold to fit my car. He quoted me a price that was in the middle of all the bids, and he assured me that his quote was a final quote and no other charges would be incurred. So I agreed and took the car over to them along with my fractured windscreen even though it was for another model of GT 40 and had a slightly different curvature.
When we got over there they produced a template that believe it or not said GT 40. They had made one for an original, and the template fit into my windshield frame perfectly.
Ron told me that it would take a day or two to bend a sample sheet of glass and see how it fit in my car. If it needed it, they would tweak the mold accordingly, bend another sample if needed and trial fit it again. Then they would laminate the windshield which would take two days and 24 hours to cool down in the furnace. Then fit it to the car and if no problems, paint the black border which would take another 24 hours to dry. So we are talking about a week to get it done. I picked the car up a little more than a month later. They ran into every problem possible but finally got it done to their satisfaction and standards. The price remained at the price quoted. no quibbling or complaining. Just quality work.
I can't say enough about these guys. I offered them use my car in their advertising brochures. The least I could do.
So file this name and number away for future reference should the need arise.


Desman Corporation
5575 Dobbins Bridge Road
Anderson S.C.29626
Email: [email protected]
Ronald A. Lubsen President
Phone: 864-225-2580
Fax: 864-225-2526
Mobile: 864-934-0075

Randy V

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Wow Bill - quite the ordeal and great testimonial to this company's abilities!

Had you checked with any of the other mfgrs of replicas here?
Yes I did. Every one of them. I am happy with my choice even though it was expensive. I don't plan on repainting so the screen is somewhat safe from my endeavors!!! I had lost contact with an independent seller of the screens. His come from South Africa and would fit other brands better than mine.

The screens are easily available in Australia for $180 each . So is the rear glass and about the same price. If you got 4 or 5 people together you might be able to get a dozen freighted to the states?
The screens are easily available in Australia for $180 each . So is the rear glass and about the same price. If you got 4 or 5 people together you might be able to get a dozen freighted to the states?
Unfortunately no shipper that I'm aware of will cover loss due to breakage, only loss of the crate.


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A dozen years ago, I has an outfit make up some windscreens to a pattern that was supplied for a project. Price was good at $180 each. Ordered five and shipping was just over $1000.
Arrived with two broken.


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I bought a windscreen from Dan White not long ago. At that time he said he had more. He was not hard to work with.

It has been several years since I ordered one from Dan. Got no response from emails to him. That is why I went on this journey.

See Jacks post. That also is why I went on this journey and selected Desman. They were close and I didn't have to worry about breakage and insurance claims, and,,,,,, they stuck to their price when problems arose on their end.



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In the summer of 2012, I bought windscreens from Dan. Fortunately, I was able to combine a summer vacation with a trip to his place to pick them up. I haven't contacted him since.

Thanks for posting the info about Desman Corporation. I'll have to add it to my already bulging folder....just in case.

Charlie Farley

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I'm shipping six windscreens to the US after Christmas.
They are going by sea and I found no problem with getting
insurance. There are companies out there.

Charlie Farley

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Hello Scott,

I'm afraid you will have to do that research yourself.
I emailed my shipping broker a detailed description of the
goods being shipped, their value etc and asked for
written confirmation the were insured for damage during
He emailed me back , confirming that they were insured
as per my request, from the point of pick up to the point
of delivery.
Sorry I can't help more. A call to a local shipping broker
might help.:shrug:
Im guessing if you had a large order of glass Protector glass in Aus would ship direct. I see the racks they use for shipping, pretty secure. At $125 US a screen and probably cheaper for a big order, makes sense to call them.
Im guessing if you had a large order of glass Protector glass in Aus would ship direct. I see the racks they use for shipping, pretty secure. At $125 US a screen and probably cheaper for a big order, makes sense to call them.

Dave unfortunately Protecter Glass Industries ceased making anything to do with auto glass in September and to make it worse they have destroyed all of their windscreen and door glass tooling for of all the cars that they made glass for. They didn't contact any of the companies that they supply, had they I'm sure the companies would have bought the tooling off them as now they have to pay for new tooling and start from scratch.

What all of you guys need to remember is that the curvature for the screens is different from brand of 40. That was the problem I was having using Dan's screens. The difference isn't too bad and just needs extra sealant if you are willing to put up with that. Is noticeable but takes a good look to tell. Drb's are flatter than say Superformance. The screen that I got from Dan had a South Africa stamp on it. I could have waited and still paid the same amount because of shipping or quantity required to get a lower price.
There has to be a number of people needing a screen for someone to realize even a small profit from them. Otherwise you wind up being a distributor and holding the screens til someone like me makes a mistake and needs one, and if that person doesn't advertise then you are holding the bag so to speak. I just needed a screen, didn't want to wait several months, and got one that is tailored to my car. Yes it was expensive, but I am trying to get my car, as done as I can(they really aren't ever done) so I won't spend so much on it after I retire next July-Sept.

Whoa! Wish I would have seen this sooner. I cracked my screen a while back. Been dreading trying to get it replaced and was waiting until my car is ready to hold it but if there is any kind of group buy in the works I'm in.

As Bill points out, there is a slightly different curve. I think the one on mine and Tornado run the same one. I can provide my number (the marking on the glass) if that would be of help. Thought I read one time that there are three different curves.


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I called PGI last month to see if they had any spares left, not a sausage...
Then tried RF, but they must have been on holidays.
Got hold of them last week (receptionist) just waiting to hear back if they are making their own now ?

I have a spare under the bench as the top corner on my current screen is broken. but after that Im I need some side windows aswell....