In need of a windscreen???

When I was looking I inquired to the original manufacturer for DRB(there in Australia). I think the cost was about $300. What was killing me was the shipping. And then even if I had it insured, there was no guarantee that it would arrive in one piece. That would mean I would have to wait another month with the same hazard. So I opted for a custom screen from South Carolina.
A note for others wanting one that is hard to fit, look up a glass manufacturer that does curved glass. They can build a mold for the car and produce one. It won't be cheap but its a thought.
The company I used actually had a mold for a GT 40, probably an original. So they had to tweek it for my car.

If this South Carolina company has a pre tweaked DRB mold paid for by Bill;)..... seems like it'd be a good starting point for us DRB guys.
Actually a great idea. You guys should get together and get a group rate. These are great guys to work with. Once they quote you a price that is it. Any problems come up with the install and it is their problem not yours. I think by the time you add shipping and insurance etc. your price will be close to what this will cost.
The process is like this. You bring your car to them. They have templates that they have to use to check the fit. That should not be a problem as mine fit perfectly. They then heat up a single pane of glass for a trial fit. Any problems, they tweak the mold and repeat the process. If none they then do the laminate and fit it to the car. If a problem they tweak and re do it til it is right. they are perfectionist. The heating takes 24-48 hrs. When done then they add the black border. A solid border. They don't do the dot matrix. Has an old school look to it. Takes 24 hrs. to dry.

They border the glass with noodles from swimming pool supply houses for transport.
They are located on Lake Harwell a Georgia Power controlled lake. A rather large and long lake that is very scenic. Could make a vacation out of it and kill two birds with one stone. Saves you from having to make two trips down and back. There are several VRBOs in that area.,34.49838490676376,-82.82142209927997,13z/

Ronald and Don Lubsen
Desman Corp.
5575 Dobbins Bridge rd.
Anderson S.C. 29626
[email protected]
Phone: 864-225-2580
Fax: 864-225-2526

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Another manufacturer gone.
Probably because all the big car manufacturers have or are pulling the pin.

Banana republic here we come.

Thanks for that Dave I will speak to them about the Ferrari



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I spoke to the owner today, he rang me after I left an email.
His farther worked at PGI for 25 years and told hin it was closing and scrapping all the jigs and plant.
They purchased it all and are currently rebuilding it all as it was run down.
They have to rejig for some as they where old .
They will be fully up and running in a few months as they want to get the equipment properly sorted, they are also going through ADR approval.
He has also employed the original jig maker.
He sounded like a down to earth guy.
I know its more than what I used to pay but at least I can get one in OZ so its worth it for me.
I contacted Old Skool Screens last November (2016), they have Front & Rear screens as below:-

GT40 Sports Front Screen (SKU:FD599-B12) $529.00 AUD

GT40 Sports Rear Screen (SKU:FD599R-J1) $524.00 AUD

Contact details-

Kel Harch-Krogh
Ph : +61 7 3442 0050
Fax : +61 7 3442 0090
Mob: +61 458 251 667
Email : [email protected]