DRB 44 For sale

Hi Guys

I noticed in a magazine here in Oz called Unique Cars that this GT40 that I first saw here onthe forum is for sale. The price is POA from Peter Ransom at DRB Australia.

Here are some old pictures. Do any of you Queenslanders know why he is selling this so soon after he bought it?




Doug S.

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I like the space-age look the high mounted outside door mirrors give the vehicle, plus the window treatment on the doors looks very production car like (although not very authentic). DRB is definitely a trend setter in this field.

The photos of this car look great. It is certainly not an accurate replica in many ways, but it is a very usable looking modern version of same, and superbly well developed.

The high mount mirrors are used on various cars, such as Ferraris, but in this case Peter Ransom has them as an option, I believe to achieve rear vision past the wider rear guards.

The fixed quarter windows and tilt out main windows are based on the road-going Mk III.