Dreams Can come true! My GT

Hi all. I have been on this site for some time now. I just bought RF80 from Peter Olliviere. I have learned so much about the GT40 just enjoying this site and the people on it. Ron you run a wonderful site. I have to say dealing with Peter was great. He is a wonderful man and I look forward to meeting him in the future. I almost bought his previous GT. That is one reason I purchased this one. I knew him from prior discussions and his posts. I knew I would get a great car and without anything hidden. That was important as I was buying site unseen.
I also have to thank Pete Delaney. As I said I have been wanting a GT for years. Several years ago Pete was kind enough to pick me up when I was in Sydney and show me his car. His car was not on the road at that time and he arranged for me to ride in another car. It was like setting the hook. I have been on the verge of a purchase several times but life has thrown it many curves. I will not have my car here with me in Thailand because the duty is like 370% on what they value the car at. They will not tell you the value untill it arrives and then if you dont pay you forfit the car. Yes quite the scam. But it is home in my garage with the heard of other cars. I'll get to see it in a few months for a few weeks.
I would like to thank the people on the forum who have answered my technical questions. That is what makes this site so great. I really like how someone will travel to another persons house just to help them with difficulties they may be having on thier car. I look forward to retirement when I can drive my car more and have time for modifications.

Jim I bet you feel like a kid a week before Christmas. I bet you cannot wait to get back to the 40.

Congrats on the purchase.

Yeah, Peter Delaney is a top bloke. He is an Aussie after all. :D


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this thread means nothing without pics :thumbsup:

go on show us what you got :thumbsup:
Hi Jim!

Nice to read Your comments about Your new toy; You really are excited about it!
I`m little jealous, I searched half ready or ready car for while, but bought do-it-yourself -kit. You have now very nice car, mk1, wheels and even colour is what I wanted...

Have fun :laugh:

Great to hear. I must agree Peter is a stand up guy. He graciously invited my wife and I over to see his GT when I was beginning to research the different offerings.


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You have yourself a great 40 there, Jim. If ever someone found a 'previously loved' GT40, it's you. Well done!


p.s. - Did Peter build visitation rights into the sales contract? :thumbsup:
Well really, Jim, do you have to go shoving pictures at us and making us jealous?
Seriously, though, it looks beautifully built and detailed. You should never grow tired of it. Well done!

Peter Delaney

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Jim, congratulations !!

It has been a long time coming, but when I saw your expression after that drive in Steve Shedden's car, I knew the ultimate outcome was inevitable !

It looks like you have acquired an outstanding RF & I know that you are in for some serious fun !!

Kind Regards,

Peter D.
I too can attest to Peter being a great guy! I got the pleasure in meeting him about 2 years ago when he was selling his kit and had just got the yellow RF. It is indeed a nice car and am sure Peter made many improvements to it over the last couple of years while enjoying it.

Good luck and have fun!
I'm flattered by all that say I,m a good guy but in fact Jim's luck is my misfortune. I still have a empty feeling when I look at that spot in my garage that the 40 occupied. Anyway life goes on and I have not left the site. I may have had to take a step back from GT40's for a while but once in the blood, always in the blood. I'm already thinking about when I will be able to replace the car. I figure that it should take a year for business to pick up and as soon as I determine that trend you can be sure I will get a new car.

I'm glad Jim got the car because I know it went to a good home and yes it's far from what it was when I originally got it. I hope he remains a part of this forum and enjoys his new toy.

In the immortal words of the Terminator "I WILL BE BACK".

Your car is a really nice color. :)
I certianly look forward to meeting Peter someday. Although he may be sad to see the empty space in the garage I know he doesnt miss his phone ringing from me all the time. :)

Jim N