Driving lights and rear running and lic. plate light

I have 2003 built CAV GT40 and am having a problem with the driver's side front driving light, and rear driver's side running light and plate light. All three are not working and I have no power on the red wire at the appropriate connector. The passenger side lights are working properly. I don't have a proper wiring diagram but I've checked the fuses up front and find no problem. Any suggestions? Are these lights on separate fuses left and right? Any and all help/suggestions is welcome.
Tom: I have CAV #99 produced in 2004; I found a diagram attached to the bottom of the access panel that covers the fuse box and pedal assy's. (on mine anyway)
Park and # plate maybe on the same circuit but h/lamp will be on separate circuit.

I have no idea how the car is wired but I would be thinking the wiring has a break between the 2 # plate lamps.

My reasoning is the power is on the opposite running lamp and # plate then it continues to the drivers side # plate lamp and running lamp.
As you have 1 # plate lamp and not the other the power wire has a break at that point.
These lamps will be in series im guessing.

The head lamp is a separate issue.

When I first got my car, the running lights on the driver side kept blowing fuses. It turned out one of the license plate lights was shorting out. The design is prone to short if not aligned when installed. Also check the wiring harness connections between the front and rear clips, some of the pins may not be making contact.


Thanks Cliff, Rich, Jim and Pat for your information. I cleaned the contacts for the fuses and installed new fuses and the problem is fixed. I also replaced and cleaned the contact points and replaced the bulbs for the license plate lights, just in case. Also checked the connectors front and back. They were tight and had good continuity.

Probably major overkill but after 33 years in the aerospace business, I don't know any better.
Any time I am checking and confirming electrical continuity, I use a little dielectric grease on any contacts after cleaning. Did this on motorcycles for a long time and find that it helps maintain contacts and slows down any corrosion. Cheap insurance and lowers resistance throughout the electrical system.