E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1 *SOLD*

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E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1
'Gulf pattern' Charcoal Gray/Guards Red secondary

GT40 Mk1 replica, manufactured by acclaimed ERA [Era Replica Automobiles] of New Britain, Connecticut, U.S.A.

ERA's entry in the GT40 reproduction sweepstakes has long been [since the 1980s] the most highly engineered and most robust reproduction of Ford's famed GT40. This is about as close as you get to Ford's original track star, the phenomenal [Mk1 and Mk2] drivin' machines that on Sunday, 19 June, 1966 crossed the finish line at LeMans in a three-GT40 lineup, and in 1-2-3 fashion [Ken Miles, then Bruce McLaren, then Denny Hulme].


Ford/Keith Craft 302" V8 stroked to 331 cid
(dynoed) 421 hp/423 ft.lbs. torque

•Ford 302" [stroked to 331 cid] small-block powerplant blueprinted/balanced by Keith Craft; delivers a robust & reliable 421 hp/423 ft.lbs. torque [dyno-tested]
•Eagle cast steel crankshaft
•Eagle I-Beam rods
•Ford Racing hydraulic roller lifters
•AFR 165 heads
•Inglese 48 mm Weber carburetion ensemble, fully polished
•MSD distributor
•Melling blueprinted oil pump
•Armando 8-qt. [7.6L] oil pan

Two separate fuel systems constructed with top-of-the-line Aeromotive fuel pumps. Fuel-delivery arrangement is designed to be a circulating system... therefore, no vapor-lock issues. The setup is designed with a Pollock valve which returns the fuel to the correct tank. Fuel system has a pre-and post-pump filter to prevent carburetor clogging.


Custom-made (bundle of snakes) headers; I designed/formed the setup so all the pipes come off the block at the same angle, in perfect symmetry. That bundle of snakes is a showcase specimen of fully-functional moto-sports art.


•Ford Racing clutch assembly
•ZF model 5DS-25-2 5-speed transaxle... robust & reliable construction personified. IMHO it's the only gearbox for a serious GT40. It was polished and thoroughly rebuilt by famed Lloyd Butfoy [RBT Transmissions in Anaheim, California]
•upgraded U-joints and custom-fabricated splined halfshafts the
headers are ceramic coated to prevent heat buildup.


•original-style GT40 seats [upholstered in rich leather with brass-rivets]
•Simpson racing seatbelts
•Moto-Lita leather-bound steering wheel [steering wheel fitted with quick release for easier in and out]
•Stewart Warner blackfaced gauges
•Vintage Air air conditioning and heating, controls mounted under dash
•adjustable pedals for long or short legs.
•DynaMat thermal and sound insulation


•SS [stainless steel] semi-monocoque structure
•built-in structural rollbar
•cast aluminum suspension uprights front & rear
•front & rear swaybars
•Spax adjustable coil-over shocks


•pin-drive hubs
•Halibrand-style wheels [knockoff hubs]
•Avon racing rubber

This 'Fabulous Forty' is fitted with an inertia shutoff switch; in case of an impact that safety switch will shut off all power so the electric fuel pumps won't keep running.

Over two years of skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail was put into the building of this splendid reproduction of Ford's Ferrari-thrashing drivin' machine. It will draw an admiring crowd at any event.

It has logged less than 150 miles of test/break-in driving, so it's essentially a brand-new car.

I will transport it to San Francisco or Los Angeles/Long Beach for international shipping.

This dazzlingly well-executed 'Fab Forty' is priced to sell promptly at

Serious inquiries only, please!

Jim Fletcher

(559) 298-9018 PST

email: [email protected]
Located in Fresno, California, USA


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Re: E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1

To sell this car(I need the shop space) I am going to offer a significant price reduction to $93,500. There is over $110,00 in parts plus 2 years labor. You won't ever see another car of this quality for this price. This is a special car.

Randy V

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Re: E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1

Jim - please see #6 in our FAQ as you need to be a supporter of the forum to advertise a car for sale here....
GT40s.com - FAQ
I will check back tomorrow and if you have become a supporter the ad will stand. Otherwise, I will need to remove it..
PM coming..
Re: E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1

I've seen Jim's work on other cars..Kirkham Cobra, for one. He does nice work and is meticulous.

Ron Earp

Re: E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1

Thanks guys, he was a supporter when the advertisement was posted three months ago.
Re: E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1

okay I've sent 2 PM to Jim over the past 3 days, does anyone know how to get in touch with him?

Doug S.

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Re: E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1

okay I've sent 2 PM to Jim over the past 3 days, does anyone know how to get in touch with him?

Go to his profile and see if there is a direct email link. It will be under the "Contact Info" tab.

...or you could just put the cursor on his forum name in his posts and it will display an email link.

He may or may not have enabled the email notification function for PMs, so he may not know that he has PMs from you.


Re: E.R.A. GT40 Mk 1

Wew.....$93.5K......this is a great buy for a ERA. I saw this car when I was looking back in Nov 2014 but it was well over $100K thinking $110K then.
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