ERA GT # 2019 For Sale


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I am the proud owner of ERA # 2019 which is a known car on this site as I had purchased it in 2014 from an ad posted here.
Unfortunately my situation has changed, and I would like to offer this beautiful car up for sale.

This award and first place trophy winning vehicle was professionally built by Huffaker Racing, Sears Point/Infideon raceway Ca . Folders of build sheets and photographs / details available.
ERA 2019 Plated 1965
Chassis: semi-monocoque structure. stainless steel
Engine: Crawford "Quaterhorse" 302/347 c.i. 362/370 RWHP/T dyno Induction: TWM 8 stack DFI, Accel Gen & computer
Transaxle: ZF 25-2 5 speed
Halon fire extinguisher system Halibrand pin drive knock off wheels Twin fuel cell / Air Conditioning / Complete records / build pictures / description - many trophies and 'best car' awards from the USA.
Includes thinkpad laptop with Accel Calmap program, PBX oxy sensors and computer for closed loop tune and a variety of parts / rubbers etc.
I had imported the vehicle to Australia in 2014 from the USA purchasing off this site - refer to Mike ad Sept 10 2014 this forum.
Was titled as 1965 in Missouri.

It is fully registered here for road use in Queensland.
Currently 5800 mi was bought from Mike at 5500 mi (it has been in storage as a collector here since)
I have documentation, photos, details/etc. that I would be happy to share.
Asking $90 k US

email: [email protected]
Located Gold Coast, Australia



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Sweet car. What do you know about re-importing it back to the US?
Hi Lee, from my understanding it is approx $3k US shipping to the west coast. Being an original US vehicle and with a previous title as a 1965 in Missouri I would doubt that any duty applies ? Obviously needs further investigation, I can look into the transport part in more detail if you wish.


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Just a word of caution to prospective US buyers to conduct due diligence on re-importation, it is not guaranteed to be straightforward simply because it was once a US car. By example I sold my first GT40 (a 1993 KVA) to Canada and some years later was contacted by a prospective US buyer who was trying to re-import it and was flat refused by US customs, this was despite the fact all the paperwork from first issue of VIN and registration was with the car. US customs are wise to the 1965 replica year of manufacture and will require evidence of and look at first year of registration over anything the title might say.