Everlast Welders


I have an Everlast Tig with cooler and a Mig. I originally bought them for all the welding carbon and aluminum on the MG TC special project. Then my son began welding and is making a business out of it. He is really putting both machines through their paces and both have performed flawlessly. Two weeks ago he was welding up stairs in a house, took the equipment in the car trailer and was running them back and fourth. We had several days of below 30F with sleet and we forgot about the tig cooler in the trailer. Well when he went to use it again, water all over, the exchanger froze and cracked. I emailed Everlast, told them what happened and asked for a price on a new exchanger. They wrote back they would put one in the mail as my unit was under warranty, (even though it froze) and sent me a new one free of charge.

I really appreciate the great service and that their equipment for the price and duty cycles is bang for the buck.