I had planned on adding a scoop to the roof portion of the spyder to hide the rear view camera. My first inclination was to extend the scoop from the front of the spyder at the windxcreen all the way back to the rear clip so as to not interfere with the aerodynamics of the car. Half way into the construction of the scoop I decided on a smaller project for the scoop and make it look more like,,, well a scoop. A styrofoam(floral foam) interior mold was made and the fiberglass laid. This is in its final stages and is being finished. I then wondered what I would do with the top since I had already sanded a large portion of the top. The car was going to be repainted anyway, but budget restrainsts make that a project for next year.
I had stumbled onto a Utube set of videos that used a product that basicly was a ruber based product. Some of you have probably used this product to coat the handles of your pliers, cutters etc. The product is known by the name Plastidip.


It comes in rattle cans as above or in containers so it can be sprayed.
Some of the imports are using this to completely cover their cars, wheels, emblems, dash parts, stripes, etc. Once setup it can be washed with pressure washers etc. with no ill effects. It also can stand up to heat(exhaust tips of standard exhaust pipes). The unique feature of this stuff is that if you don't like it, or you want a different color, you just peel it off. The claim is that it won't hurt the paint or clear coat on the car. At dipyourcar.com
they have numerous videos on how to use the stuff and the tricks to getting it right. Lots of experimenting going on there. They are broadening their product line to include Pealizerss, Metalizers(gold and silver) and clearcoats known as Glossifiers, which can give the matte finish a satin apearance. The basic color is a matte black. Other colors include gun metal grey, white, red, camoflage colrs(greens and browns), and some electric colors. There is some work going on combining the sprays as they are aplied to get different effects(the peralizers with most of the colors) and colors. They even have a choose your color setup with the basic colors that can be mixed in a clear base by themselves or together to give just about any color you can imagine. Visit their site to see what is going on. They are also using the clears for bras on the front of the cars for protection against insects and minor dings. Not bad for $6. All of them can be painted over, but it makes the peeling off a chore.They offer a complete car setup with the sprayer, respirator, gallon(s) containers of the stuff and a few extras for under $300. You can use regular hvlp units but theirs is an electric sprayer that they are getting great results with.
Back to my car, since the top was already partialy sanded I decided to try this stuff out and see if it was as good as the videos claimed. Here is the top of the spyder.


Here are the finished results. The rattle cans(what I used) come thinned out to what they say is a good consistancy. The cans have to be shaken often during the spray process, and they give a good fan pattern. The gallon conainers need thinners to be added to get the proper consistancey.







These shots were with three coats. New coats can be aplied 15 minutes after spraying. They suggest 4. Also the imperfections need to be out of the way. I didn't level off the areas where the stripes were and their height differences can be made out, but it does make the car look a lot better.Different colors can be sprayed on top of other colors. The tape doesn't pull it up when removed. Just have to do it while the stripe surface is wet. They have videos on that as well.

I think you would have had a better game plan with a small camera Bill.
Because you look down on the roof its hard to hide modifications.

I did the same but my camera is only about 20mm in dia,I fabed a mount that looks like a tube cut on a tappering angle.
Has the BMW rear roof antena look without the finn.
In heavy traffic my camera is sensational and well worth the effort.
Forge on .

If you like I can take a pic.



RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
Bill what color are you going to paint your 40?

Randy V

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I wonder how well that stuff woud work on dashboard and interior panels? I had been thinking of using that Alsasoft <~sp? product, but it's a bit pricey...

Nice work!
Sorry to be negative, but to me, that thing looks like a great big wart on your beutifull car. There has got to be a better way to mount a rear-view camera. What about through the back window? Or through a small hole in the back panel??

Jim Craik

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That paint looks great.

As for the camara, I have to agree, the roof line of the 40 is important. I got two Gurney bubbles, as I and most of my friends are fairly tall. That said, the breakup of the roof line caused by the bubbles has always bothered me.

Have you given any thought to mounting the camera in the spoiler, or perhaps lower in the two vents along side the exaust? I know it would be lower and somewhat restrict the view, but the look of the car is also important.
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Seymour Snerd

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I think we got distracted by the camera...

I'm wondering if it would work as a fender liner (etc.) to hold down the racket and damage from rocks and gravel. The clear also looks like a great alternative to film for scratch protection (eg around the gas caps, etc.)
First, thanks for all your responses and it helps a lot.

I did a lot of research before I comitted to the big camera. I wanted one that would be best for night vision(most IRs). The big ones were the answer THEN. I couldn't find anything at the time that had less than 120º that didn't cost an arm and a leg, so that is what I went with. Now that I have my car on the road I have real world info to know that I need the 90º lens. Everything in the picture is tiny if at any distance at all. I need to know who or what is comming up on me, whether it is a cop or not. They now have the 90s cheap enough that I will change to the round small camera. What brand and lens are you using??? The mounting for the small ball cameras is small and I will go with the small bump for its housing. send me a pic of yours if you could.

I haven't made up my mind yet. I plan to experiment with the colors and see what looks best. They have a choose your color setup and you can experiment with it. Basic colors are black, white, red, blue, and yellow. Might try yellow and black stripes, grey and ? stripes, Linden green and ? stripes. I am open to suggestions. The thing I like most about mine now is the copper stripes. Don't care too much for the traditional colors

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4jduRrfSUM]Plasti Dip's Create Your Color Kit - YouTube[/ame]

This stuff works great on any material. They even have done leather. If you don't like it just peel it off. You can go matte, satin, Pearl, and they have metalizers that will give a metalflake apearance

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8MDJGeIIk0]Gloss Plastidip - Black Glossifier Plasti Dip on Car Dash Trim - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLwSmksXGQM&playnext=1&list=PLm0Ul1KgTmWzR6LfWXZ_T8f6aJak0ixQd&feature=results_main]Plasti Dip Pearlizer - How does it look, how to use it - YouTube[/ame]

If you look close at the pics above you will notice that the finish looks a little grainy. This is easily repairable with thinners such as Naptha or Xylene or the like. It then leave a slick sticky surface. Add another coat or two and it looks like a freshly painted surface.This usually comes from the sprayer being too far from the piece or using a wave spray pattern instead of a complete arm or body movement(basic spray technique). The rattle cans come pre thinned, but maynot be enough. Basic setup is 60/40 or 50/50. The 50/50 seems to be the better from what people are saying on Utube. Cost for their small car kit is $299 and you get a respirator, spray unit, 3 gallons of dip, nitril gloves, and some blue masking tape. you have to buy your own thinner or you can buy theirs. The individual gallons are on sale for now for $49 normally $55-62. You can use your own hvlp equipment, but you need a #2 tip and turn it up for good output. The sprayer they use is thier third generation unit. The first two were the ones you can buy at the big box stores.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T0jEvxxTzE]How to Fix PlastiDip (Texture, Tears, Troubleshooting) DipYourCar.com - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBNJ1WRo3Ic]How I smooth Plasti Dip after it is dry. Another e - YouTube[/ame]

Mark and Jim,
I did a lot of research before I decided to put the camera on the roof. I didn't want a regular mirror(not a stickler for originality), as the front windscreen is small enough and the cage interfers with some of that. The mirror would block more of it and you can't see much with one except for the trumpets of the injectors. If you put the camera in the rear of the car you will find that you can't see very far behind you as you drive. A car at a resonable distance takes up most of the field of view, unless you go with a wide angle like 170º. Then things get real small. You need to be able to not only see directly behind you but in the next lane as well so you can judge how fast they are closing or falling back. Mounting in the spoiler or lower is good for backing up only. Under the plexi will distort the picture if there are any waves in the plexi which will happen over time from the heat. My belief anyway. My rear tray bubbled the paint just from sitting and idling for an hour or two back when we first started trying to tune the engine. That's another story.
I use the cameras(3 for now) to judge whether I can change lanes and if the car in that lane is comming or falling back. As the car leaves the rear camera it then comes into view with the side mirror camera. As it leaves that camera it is at the rear edge of the door and I can visually see it. I wrecked an 85 Lotus Turbo Esprit because I couldn't judge where the car in that lane was.
The side mirrors are of no value to the rear(for me). I have the wide flares and you can't see over the hump. If I moved the mirror to the top of the door I probably could but I don't want them there.

The clear is good for anything like that. Get a scratch or ding, peel it off and reaply. It even would make an inexpensive bra for the front. As a wheel liner I am not so sure. I think that if you ever wanted to add to it the suface would be too chewed up. Would probably be tough to peel it off. Probably need a stiff bristle brush. The truck bedliners would be a better choice. They are coarse, rubbery would cut down on the noise. The only thing I have seen that will affect them is brake fluid. I used one of the comercial liners on the framework of my car and a leaky mastercylinder disolved the
coating or at least broke the bond with the metal. If you have that in your wheel well you are in deep trouble

Appreciate the imput, keep it comming


Randy V

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Wow.. Great info Bill... You really did your homework!

Thank you!


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
I'm interested in the cameras

more information please:thumbsup:

Just google rear view cameras. You will get a lot of hits. There is one site that tells you everything you wanted to know about the cameras and monitors.
Most of the info is for actual rear view cameras for parking and backing up.
If you want cameras for more than parking get the 90º lenses. The 120º lenses will look good, but the resulting images are tiny. You want something that mimics your eye. There are several types of cameras. They are mostly for RVs or busses. If you look on what is left of my build log here:
http://www.gt40s.com/forum/gt40-build-logs/13742-drb-5-a-7.html at post 140 and 147 you will get some info on the cameras I used.
Tadi Bros has a fairly good supply. Just be careful on the types of cameras and monitors.
Rear View Camera System | RV Backup Camera
They allow you to swap around if not satisfied. Mounting the mirrors is the hard part. I decided to put a set in the side mirrors because the mirrors didn't help much at all.



The wide angle lens helps you out. For the central camera I chose a big camera.

I should have gotten the small ball type camera and will be swaping out my big one for the smaller ball type. Then I can make the tiny scoop for it. There are lots of choices out there. You just have to look around and decide how much you want to spend on it
If you want to talk it over, as it entails a lot of info and this reply would go on forever, PM me and we can comunicate about it



RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
thanks Bill

I did some research a last year but was overwhelmed with information. Your advice will help.

Thanks again