Ferrari Le Mans

Jim Craik

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I do not know if this is real,

I don't know if it is recent (the Marlborough graphics look dated).....

But I love it!

Viviana Lopez Unoydos
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I remember seeing this at least 3 years ago, I think as a design study (by a student)?

Here is another, more recent concept...


Howard Jones

I think that the FFFing people have huge problems with their F1 program and that anyone internally seriously proposing a P1 car would be fired on the spot. Without Alonzo, they would be looking at finishing behind Force India for gods sake in the constructors championship. Big number of people let go in the last few weeks and a new race team boss. It will be awhile before any new projects emerge from Marinaro .

The second pictures is really cool, however, on a more likely note I think Nissan is very close to building a car for 2015 maybe 16. Less promising is a Honda program. They appear to be very close to returning to F1 with their own chassis and engine. 16 or 17? That would take just about the entire R&D race budget for several years, I would think.

What we REALLY need is a FORD!!!!!!!!!! Not gonna happen but if we are going to dream then make it blue and orange!!!!!!!!!!