Finding all Ct. USA members?

Is there a way to E-mail all CT members to let them know of an important law we are trying to get passed? We are trying to get a new bill passed that would make all composite vehicles[what CT calls kit cars] be exempt from any emissions testing,the new one that they are presently trying to let stand basicly takes all of the cars off the road that don't have FI and cats.Please advise if there is anyway to get the message out.Thanks

Ron Earp


I'd be hard through the forum admin panel because location isn't a pull down searchable field. People can type in whatever they want there:

CT, Conn, etc.

and it'll be difficult to locate.

I'd put a post in All GT40 and put posts on the Cobra and Rod Forums. Brent Mills runs a couple of forums, Club Cobra and a Rod forum, as well as a new forum dealing with performance cars. would be an excellent place as it is full of clever builders from all over the country that have this problem too.

We got a deal down here in NC passed that made self builts exempt. It didn't take much (from my side, Lynn did the work!), Lynn Larsen wrote some letters, I wrote a letter, and they drafted up what is seen in the paper attached. Lynn has more info on it or maybe a better memory, I don't remember it being all that hard and I assume used it when he registered his car.

NC Kit Cars Gain Emissions Exemption

And the PDF


Ron Earp


I've been trying to learn about antique registrations, did you run across any info on that at the NCDMV? I think the Jensen can be registered as an antique and I'm wondering how it is done and what that allows it to do. I sent an email to the DMV but got no reposnse, no suprise that one.

Thanks guys,I'll send a copy of this to our rep., as it makes a lot of good common cents.