Rick's Active Power GT40 Build

Well, here we go. I think I have enough parts to get started on this build and create a thread for it.
Picked up 2 of these beauties back in June from Chris at Active Power / Ardern Cars.
They are the ones with the chassis stretched 4" from the original for a wheelbase of 99"


In the shop, ready to get started. Pay no attention to all that mess in the background...


This car will have the Coyote Aluminator engine with a Mendeola SDR5 transaxle. Still waiting on the transaxle.


Transaxle looks like this, a thing of beauty...


I bought a complete set of Corvette suspension parts from EBay.
Cleaned them up, sandblasted them, and installed all new ball joints and wheel bearings.



I Don't have the inner suspension link yet. That old dirty one is just for testing.
There will be no used joints on this car.

Little bit of progress here. Suspension fully assembled rear and test fitted front. I added brake rotor ducts which will be connected to the front air inlets. Had to modify the corvette wheel sensor bracket and rivet it to the brake plate.

Corvette arms were sandblasted, polished, and clear coated. All new joints and hardware.

Rear left assembled. Wilwood 14" superlite brakes

Front suspension with cooling plates.


Front left with Wilwood 14" superlites installed. Overkill? Probably, but that's my middle name...

Testing the front tires for optimum wheel backspacing. 255/45/18
My big feet wouldnt go around the steering shaft, so i rotated the rack so that the input shaft is vertical. Installed a bevel gear unit to make a right angle away from the feet.

The coyote is drive by wire. I cut the gas pedal and made a linkage so that it acts as a sensor. Made a pair of aluminum plates to allow gas pedal adjustment in x and y so I can dial that pedal in for the right feel.