Fire extinguisher - where to put it?

I'm with you on this David - Whilst they will not necessarily put out a major fire, they may give the few extra seconds or minutes to enable you or others to escape the situation.

For cars in the UK - do consider whether you are using them for motorsport as AFF is the required filling now, with Halon having been banned. (unless it has changed without me noticing)

I have been in a car that caught fire after a collision and nothing focuses your mind more than the thought of being trapped.

As to where to put it - either in the passenger footwell just infront of seat (behind their knees) - or in the engine bay on a side sill.
Fire bottle on right hand panel in engine bay, control box and firing button by gearlever.


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My cousin was competing in ALMS and had a car burst into flames at Spa whilst at full speed. He says it felt like forever before he could get the car stopped, so he could get out. Scary stuff indeed.