First sighting of my GT40!

Was perusing the Downforce Motorsports page and there she was on the showroom with SOLD on the window! P2461 in all of it's Guardsman Blue glory!!!

Looks like they have 17" wheels and tires on it, but I'm planning on 15" BRMs and they just might be on it to move it around since it doesn't have a motor or transmission yet. FRESH OUT OF CUSTOMS!!!!

I'm STOKED!!!!!


Dave Hood

Lifetime Supporter
Glenn, options other than Olthoff would be Prestige Motorsports or Holman Moody. Both in the Charlotte area. Prestige built my engine and does all of my maintenance on my SPF MK1 that now has 22,000 miles on it. Paul Whitlock, a former employee of Olthoff, is at Holman Moody. He's excellent. I would rate both Prestige and Holman Moody ahead of Olthoff. Based on my experience with Dennis in the past. Happy to discuss offline if you'd like.