Ford ecoboost V6 teardown. What is inside a ford V6 twin turbo.

Howard Jones

Here's a guy who takes apart blown-up motors on Utube. This will let you know what these engines are and how they are built. This is not a negative post on these engines, just information on taking one apart.


Randy V

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Very interesting video!
I’ve always been a fan of the Ford Ecoboost V6’s… What I didn’t know was that Ford chose to run a Bucket On Valve follower which further cements in my mind, the use of high quality synthetic motor oils and potentially some Zinc additive to reduce wear. Also more frequent drain intervals.
I've watched many of that guys videos. I like seeing how different engines are internally and which ones are a POS.

Another of my metrics on the quality of an engine is Ebay price for a used one. The cheaper they are, the less they are in demand because they don't fail as quickly. Chevy LS, Jeep 4.0, and the Ford 4.9 inline 6 are always the cheapest.

In defense of the bucket follower, unlike a flat tappet OHV, there is no other valve train mass to counter act with extra heavy springs and no leverage against the tappet you get from the rocker arm ratio. So they run a lot less pressure that a flat tappet pushrod engine so they can still get away with them and not wipe a cam with modern oil.
"Another of my metrics on the quality of an engine is Ebay price for a used one. The cheaper they are, the less they are in demand... "

Yes, agreed, and it's only part of the story. There can also be big demand because of the hi-po folks or other factors. The Dodge 6.4 Hemi is reallyu expensive used. I got more $ for a no-good 6.4 Hemi than I paid for the whole truck. Guy wanted to build a race motor and didn't care about the knock.

The 6.4 Hemi is an interesting example, when I rebuilt one I was very impressed with much of the design work. A thoroughly modern design in spite of being a pushrod V8. Lots of really good stuff that would have been racing exotica a few years ago. And a few specific quality issues and a need for special oil, that ruined its reputation.
Yes, the hipo aftermarket skews that. Also the type of car. The JDM crowd eats up some of the higher performance offerings as the kids tear them up.