Ford F3L and David Piper


thank you for your kind replies, I am very honored.

Keith: The presentation in Hangar-7 - even though I don't care for a public display very much - was the logical consequence of nearly a decade's work. The presentation wasn't open to the public, rather it was intended to say thank you to the people who helped us and to give our dear friends a good time.

Since our build was and will be presented by the press, and since some incorrect descriptions were given so far, we have set up a homepage about the GTP-13.

You can find it at

This way we try to provide exact information about the car to the people who are interested in it.

Best regards,
Thank you, gentlemen, for your nice answers.

Since I have been asked a few times now about the major differences between the GTP-13 and the historic Ford F3L: I have set up a > webpage < which compares some facts about the two cars. As you might expect I don't have that much data about the F3L, however I do hope this comparison gives some answers.

As some other news we have finally installed the hoods above the air inlets, which gives the engine bay a little different look.

Further since some of you guys asked me for details about the GTP-13 slide throttle: I just recently came across this picture of my 2nd-generation design where you can see the throttle plate, actuator arm and return spring.

Greetings from Austria,


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Congratulations ALex, for such an accomplishment!

Doing so many things by yourself, in a such high level profesional way is incredible!

SO it was a father and son project? How's the car running? Do you enjoy it after so many hours spent on it? Is it possible to go flat out without the fear to damage 8yrs of hard work?

final question, will you produce some? the chassis number plate would indicate so... =)


thanks for your appreciation.
Yes, designing and building the GTP-13 was a father-son project and as you correctly stated, it took quite all our spare time for the past 8 1/2 years.
How's the car running?
So far everything runs very satisfactorily, except of some minor troubles that have to be sorted out with every prototype-design.
Is it possible to go flat out without the fear to damage 8yrs of hard work?
So far I can tell you that when driving the GTP-13, you can very clearly feel it's high power-to-weight-ratio. But frankly we haven't dared to "go flat out" so far. We have other jobs to accomplish yet. You have to understand that the EFI-system has to be dialed in at almost every operating point of the engine. We have to do this job very exactly in order to give us a good starting point for the upcoming emission test. Also I am very busy currently with writing the strength-calculation-reports for all the structural components of the car.
will you produce some?
We entirely started the project with the intention to just build "our" GTP-13. But if somebody wants to invest in a quite exclusive GTP-13, we surely can build another one. Design work is done, all the tools are made and stored, all the drawings done. We even made two sets of several components, which we now have as spare parts, or "in stock".

Greetings, Leo.
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Hello gentlemen,

since the GTP-13 was quite recently approved for road use by the Austrian government, I wanted to share with you guys some scenes with the car on the road. Sorry for the poor audio and video quality, but at the time only my worn workshop-camera was at hand. We'll hopefully make a better video next spring.

With best regards from Austria,

I enjoy reading build threads in different forums in different parts of the world. I have seen a lot of nice builds. Of all builds I have seen, this is by far the best. Every aspect involving custom tooling, engineering and execution is immaculate.
Thanks a lot, Ian.
It was quite surprising (to me) to find many people cheerful when we passed them with the car. It must have to do - aside from looks - with the car's enjoyable sound. Unfortunately the video doesn't properly reproduce the sound. Sorry guys, we'll have to wait 'till next spring for one with better audio quality.

Many greetings,


I find it difficult to read anything about David Piper after the way he treated Mark Hales a few years ago. Quite disgusting.

Simon, I'm afraid the title of this thread has become a bit misleading.
It started as a thread on David Piper's Ford F3L, but around page 2 Chris Melia posted pictures of the (now called) GTP-13, which I had sent him via email. Later on I joined on this thread myself. Ever since then I have the impression it entirely focuses on the GTP-13.
David Piper is not involved in the GTP-13 project aside of being the supplier of the car's windscreen and forward uprights.

I hope this helps straightening out the misleading thread title.