Ford GT40 Jackets and scale models etc

Hi, I was wondering do you guys know about those jackets?
I came across them on a website in the Netherlands but the sell them in Germany.
I ordered one, also busy with some 1/12 models but most are very expensive, though also very nice in detail.
especially the GMP models you have them in white, red, blue and more, also race versions and a lot different types mk1/mk2/mk3/mk4

personally I only go for the mk1 because thats also the model I want/like to buy in a 1/1 scale replica :thumbsup: when all goes well.

what do you guys think about this model/look jackets, I like it guess in a week or two I know more.
Ford GT 40
Motor Sport Jacket


Stof: katoenen 65 % polyester 35 %
ale logos borduurwerk (stitch-work)
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Randy V

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I have the very same jacket...

Very nice except one thing... The Zipper is on the Left instead of the Right side... I don't know about how things are with Zippers on the other side of the pond, but over here, the Left Zipper is for women... I have one heck of a time with it...

So I thought it was a mix-up in the order so I gave that one to my wife (she likes roomy jackets) and I ordered one and specified that it have a RIGHT zipper..
It arrived and low and behold - there it was...

Left Zipper!

When I emailed the vendor I was told that the zipper is on BOTH sides not just the left or the right... ((sigh))

So - Now we have matching jackets - mine goes un-zipped most of the time...
The story about the zipper :thumbsup:
I really don't know, yes in my younger days indeed we had trousers? with a left and right zipper as you speak of woman/man, but I don't know if its still that way over-here, I totally forgot.
In the ad they don't speak about that but if the jacket is as pictured there is only one type, I don't see a flap over the zipper so its straight I guess, lets hope so. :D

Glenn M

Randy I think it is a 'pond' thing. I'm assuming you are talking about the zip puller? On this side of the water they are on the left hand section of the zip but on the two jackets I've bought on your side of the wet stuff they've been on the right hand section of the zip. I did the same as you with my first jacket and questioned whether I'd bought a girlies model. I'll admit that for such a small difference it does feel very strange.
OK guys, remember its on a Dutch website and so in Dutch, but the seller is in Germany, I think they can read English so I guess all will go well, they also speak of 1014 days or so for delivery? anyway here the page. > nieuwe Ford GT40 jas jack kleding maat XS - 6XL blauw - Verzamelen - Automerken, Motoren en Formule 1

and here you can ask them questions or order, they also do by paypal at a extra 3,-euro cost, I thought I gave you guys that link too otherwise hard to understand in Dutch I guess.
Sending in EU cost 10,-euro but don't know what it cost outside? can be "expensive" the Jack just cost 45,-euro so sending could be the same outside EU? I know its expensive to order things from the US to the netherlands don't know how it works the other way around, but you can ask them.

Marktplaats - De plek om Nieuwe en Tweedehands spullen te kopen en verkopen

good luck, I don't know those people either, but ordered a Jack anyway, have to wait also, so can't tell you more.

Great find Randy :thumbsup:

Ah, thats why they are for a good price...Thailand :idea:

I also did email the people in Germany that they could expect some mails in English, that was no problem.

they sell all sorts of special Jackets...more then 100 I believe, see their list if your looking for another brand like a toyota or so :D
In the add they do not talk about that, but seeing what they all make probably in the far east?...I guess a lot is possible.
you can e-mail them, they understand English, I got a e-mail half Dutch and the other part English :D
and their surname in the mail looks Chinees, so I think? its possible to order but will take longer I guess.

I like Chris's suggestion concerning the blue GT40 jacket - just the Ford logo. I'll try to get some info/prices for the jacket in that form and post when they respond. A.J.