From MK3 to MK1 KVA

my Name is Max ,31 years old and from South Germany.

Bought me my Dream Car, the GT40 after selling my 427Cobra Replica.
Maybe someone will remeber this one. Early KVA Type with a MK3 Body, Rover 3.5 , DS Gearbox etc...

My Plans for this Car in the Future was : Convert to MK1 Body , Build 302 5.0 HO with Audi 6 Speed and yes new Paint , Wheels...
But after a short first Drive the Engine had heat Problems and i saw the Headgasket is gone.
So my Season with this Engine and Body is sadly done but now starting the Plans earlyer :)

Hope someone is interested in this Project and I will keep it updated.


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Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Max. Sounds like a very interesting project you have going on there. Great introduction and please do keep us updated on your progress. Enjoy the forum.

Regards Brian
Welcom Max. I think Ive seen that cars for sale years ago near Roermond Holland when it was plain white and had 8 motor bike carbs on top of the Rover engine. Price then was 38000 and it changed hands quick after that raising price everytime it changed hands. Eventualy someone painted it in Gulf livery.

My KVA is converted to mk2. I still run the Rover 3.5 and Citroen DS 5 speed but have it converted to correct cwp and quaife ATB.
Downside of the DS gearbox is short ratio where top speed maxes out at about 250kph. Thats why I keep my 3.5 engine as it makes no sence to go bigger.
The DS gearbox in standart form can handle 225bhp, with corrected rwd cwp & Quaife ATB it can handle 450bhp but it comes at a cost.

Concider doing a total rebuild (body and engine transmission conversion) might take up years doing so.
Or have you Rover heads resurfaced, fit composite head gaskeds and you can still drive your car while doing the body conversion.
Try to get yourself one of those Polish made front and rear body parts. Markus (also living in Germany) might could help you with that, as he suplies GT40 parts and bodys.

Best regards, JP from the Netherlands


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What are you doing with the mk3 panels? I quite like the old mk3, its what I ordered originally before switching to mk1. Thanks, Kev Farrington
@JP Verweij I think this one is not the white you remeber. The first color was red and after this they painted it metallic black. someone und germany painted it this gulf style

I have the engine / gearbox / adapter plate and waiting for the shifter cables and adtapor. In my holiday i will start building the engine with GT40 Heads / Ford Racing Cam etc…

The MK1 Body is nearly finished for painting but the rest of the detail work i will let the paint guy make his job

@Kev Farrington I sell the MK3 Front and Rear if someone is interested , write me a PM.


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Some hours later in the Garage... Made a bit progress.



Old Engine and Gearbox is out, 302 with 01e testfitted to check out what to change to make it happen.


Put the Snakes on an made some changes to fit the Chassis.




And now rebuilding the engine and hopefully find some horses :)
Max are these 17” and have you taken any pics since mounting?
No these are 16“ wheels. Did a few km last week to get carb and ignition dialed in.
Still waiting on a slot at the paint guy


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