*General Paddock Rules*


Well, here we are. I hope users are now satisfied that we have covered all bases for them. I am your new Moderator and I'd just like to post a quick note about Col Mustard. It was quite clear he had to go as I believe he was feeling his age and clearly stuck in a time warp from a time when people were actually polite to each other and kept their politics to themselves. So, we tied him to his horse (backwards of course) slapped his ass (and the horses too) and sent him off into the sunset.

By now you will have seen the 2 new sub-forums set up by Randy.

Rules are quite clear and self explanatory in the stickies. If you don't want to be upset by politics & religion, do not visit those 2 forums!

The General Paddock (by which I mean this bit) will retain it's original rules set by Col. Mustard, to wit:

No Politics
No Religion
No Ad Hominem
You can post about guns, but if you mention the NRA or Jeremy Corbin's Karl Marx hat it will go in the Political thread.

Posts on the above subjects in the main Paddock will be moved.

Happy posting::::


Really? That's interesting. I thought he was a bit of a wanker myself... :rockonsmile:

Anyway, he's gone. Sacked - incompetent. Couldn't organise a pussy hunt in a minge factory...:shocked:


Thanks Tod, I'll pass on your comments when I see him. I generally bump into him at the AA meetings on Fridays and occasionally in the ICU at the local hospital where I do volunteer resuscitation on Ladies Day.