Getting in and out of a Superlite

Larry L.

Lifetime Supporter
Here is another method to try.

I use the "Sit & Spin" method because I think its is the easier and more graceful. Graceful is important since there is almost always an audience when you exit or enter the SLC.

To enter:
1. Sit om the fiberglass door threshold as far back as possible.
2. Pivot on your butt and bend your legs to clear the front of the threshold.
3. With your right hand on the center console and the other hand on the fiberglass door threshold, extend your legs into the foot well.
4. Using your arms, shift your butt over and down into the seat.

To exit:
1. Put one hand on the center console and the other on the fiberglass door threshold
2. In one smooth motion, use your your arms to lift yourself out of the seat, use your feet to push on the cross brace on the floor, and shift your butt onto the fiberglass door threshold.
3. Pivot on your butt and bend your legs to clear the front of the threshold.
4. Stand proud!

W/O having a GT40 within arm's reach to confirm it, 'twould appear this method ought to work well entering and exiting GT 40s as well.
I like the 3 step method.
You put your right foot in closest to the gas tank
You put your left foot in closest to the door hinge.
You spin you right foot over closest to the shifter (in front of the seat)
then grab the roll cage, left hand, and slide into the seat.
Then you peg the gas… and that’s what it’s all about!
5’11, 180 lbs. No Interior to speak of.
getting in is easy, stand on the seat a slide in. Getting out I made a shelf next to the seat to use to push off of, it works great. Im 6'1" 280 lbs no problems.

Joel K

Guys, I went to RCR today and as Fran told me I would fit and I certainly do. Very easy to get in, the new wider seat is very comfortable, and not so easy to get out.

Although I was pretty reclined, it felt comfortable and not awkward. Keeping in mind the cars I sat in were not specifically set up for me to more easily get out of. I am confident I will be able to do it without total embarrassment.

Grant, totally agree with your comment, I think having something just to slide over and sit on which takes me out of the seat should be a big help.

All in all I am pretty excited to get an SLC, now I have to figure out how to get it registered in NJ. That is my final to do before ordering.