GT-R #14

Your car looks! Are those the factory supplied Impala mirrors Ron?
These are the mirrors that were supplied with the car from the factory. I frenched them into the body so that they sit flush . They really work amazingly well. ( and I think they look cool also)

Wow! I’ve honestly not been a huge fan of the look of the GTR despite the beautiful work that others have done, but this one somehow works for me. The front end with flares looks a bit less added on and the back is simply dangerous looking. (I loved watching them race in person)

I’ve been ignoring my urges to want to drop a bunch on building something and living vicariously through all of you, but this makes it tough.
Thanks to everyone for the positive comments. I am very happy with the car so far. ( Even though I ripped the left side mirror off backing it out of the trailer at the Dyno shop!! )
Larry, Adam at Revolution Automotive did the tuning for me and I couldn't be happier!
Had the GT-R at VIR for Hyperfest this weekend. I had a few teething issues but by Sunday most of the were ironed out ( Thanks again H !) and the car was starting to get fast. I had a 2:03 lap on Sunday and I feel like there is another few seconds in the car in it's current; configuration.