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Not sure if this is on your horizon but if you are able to offer whatever Logos / badges etc you plan to produce in Nomex you should be able to open up another door for potential customers (I'm one)

Ron, I am interested if the cost to send to the UK is reasonable or we can get a multiple order going. What is the target price for such things as hats, teeshirts etc? Maybe we could get the members over in the UK to place a big order for multiple items with one shipping cost.
I'll look into Nomex, but any thread used will still have the same qualities. I have done patches for some of my Cobra buddies' racing suits. The backing for a patch is just one sheet of material with a couple of layers of thread over it to make the background of the patch. But I will see if it is possible (and feasible).

I'll look into shipping costs to the UK sometime today.


Here are the current rates:

Houston to London

United States Postal Service

Priority Mail® International Medium Flat Rate Box
USPS Supplied Medium Box:
13 5/8" x 11 7/8" x 3 3/8" or 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".
Maximum weight 20 pounds.
6 - 10 business days $41.28

Priority Mail® International Large Flat Rate Box
USPS Supplied Large Box: 12" x 12" x 5 1/2".
Maximum weight 20 pounds.
6 - 10 business days $53.15

UPS Worldwide ExpeditedSM

6:30 P.M. Thursday May 13, 2010
By End of Day Wednesday May 19, 2010
97.87 USD*
Billable Weight:
3.0 lbs.


Wed May 19, 2010 6:00 PM
FedEx International Economy®
2.0 lbs.

Looks like US Postal Service by a landslide. They take a little longer, but the price difference is significant. Notice that they list a max weight of 20 lbs. vs. 2-3 lbs. for the others. I could pack quite a few shirts & hats into a box that size, so that's a good idea to get a joint order going.

Ron, USPS looks like it might be a runner, the 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". box should get a few items in it. If there is enough interest from the UK you may have a nice little earner going.

Randy V

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Not sure if this is on your horizon but if you are able to offer whatever Logos / badges etc you plan to produce in Nomex you should be able to open up another door for potential customers (I'm one)

Are your patches over there required to be done in Nomex?

There is no requirement like that on this side of the pond that I'm aware of.. However - any repairs or alterations to the driver's suit must be done with Nomex Thread.

Personally I'm not concerned if the patch is flammable.. I'm sure that the seat covers in our race cars are flammable as well...
Hi Tom,

I'll be online shortly, and I'll have a banner ad here on that will go directly to my webste when clicked. I'll email you as well in case you miss it.


I wondered about that as well. A flammable patch on the outside of a fire-resistant suit wouldn't pose much of a threat, but the thread that penetrates the suit (the thread that holds the patch to the suit) would expose the wearer. I'll try to find out, but it may be easier to get that info on your side of the drink, Iain. BTW, Dupont told me they got my inquiry about buying Nomex fabric and would get somebody right on it...coming up on day 5 now.



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I don't believe there is any sactioning body requirement here for patches to be Nomex, however thread to mount them should be fire resistant and should not penetrate through your base layer as that would allow fuel to splash through the fluid-resistant layer.

Don't rely on DuPont, Google is your friend and Nomex thread is fairly widely available... even Pegasus Racing sells it.

Pegasus - Nomex Thread

BTW; I'm interested in the embroidered products too.
OK, guys, we're up and running. You can access my site by clicking on my banner when it appears at the top of the page or by going to the "Advertisers" section and clicking on my banner there, or by going to

Many thanks to Ron for letting me test the waters for interest in this project.
As an update, I received my order of two shirts and a hat from Ron and the quality is first rate and his customer service excellent. They are apparently a good omen.
On our first outing in the shirts, we took third place in the exotic class of a local car show (beaten out by a McLaren F1 and some weird little car nobody heard of but it was being shown by a professional model in very skimpy attire). I suggested to my wife that our standings could have improved if she wore a nightie but as a testament to Ron's work, she said she preferred the GT40 shirt and that I needed to get my mind elsewhere...
I have seen Ron's work and highly recommend him. Top shelf stuff, reasonable pricing and his customer service is excellent! IMO...

Ron Earp

Hey Ron,

I hope the wares are selling well. I do have one suggestion that I think would greatly increase your volume - have a standard GT40 tshirt and hat available that doesn't require the customer to have a photo or do any "work" to get a shirt. Some folks are interested in a blue/orange GT40 shirt or hat, and don't need a custom piece of their car.

For this website you could have standard GT40s, Lolas, P4s, 817s, J cars, and a few others and probably sell those without custom work.

I think if you offer something like this it'll expand your market and open it up to non-owners of cars as well as casual shoppers.

Pat & Jack,
Thanks for the kind words!

I can embroider your car on a nighty if you like...of course if it's too slinky, I'll have to do it as a patch...And congrats on the 3rd place finish!

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll email you to get a better idea about the "non-GT40" things, but in the mean time, let me just clarify to everyone by saying that no custom work is necessary - I give my customers a choice of car & stripe color, Gurney bubble, etc., with no extra charge. It's as simple as telling me which angle you want and what color(s) on which clothing item.