GT40, clutch dragging severely or not completely engaging

Small block Ford motor I am guessing? If so, you might call Bob Wood at Safir - he has an external slave kit that uses an original recreation cast aluminum bell housing with the external slave. Fits RBT / Quaife transaxles. Nice setup and original design.
Ordered one today from Pantera Performance, everyone seemed to recommend them and Adam knew exactly what was needed for the GT40.

Ian Clark

Thanks for posting the pictures. You may find the clutch discs are glazed and flywheel heat pocked, hence no bite.

Something else to take a close look before at final assembly is the pinion bearing or bushing in the end of the crankshaft. When the pilot bearing is not fully seated or actually too long the input shaft of the transaxle will push on the crankshaft all the time. This can wipe out your crank bearings (motor overhaul results) and or cause hard shifting. Better and much cheaper to catch it now...

Any tips on removing the gearbox from the bellhousing with the bellhousing still attached to the engine? I have the 2 main bolts at 12 o'clock removed and 4 other bolts holding the gearbox to the bellhousing. But the dang thing will not budge!

We moved into a new house in November that we are completely tearing down and rebuilding so my lift is out of commission and I don't have an engine hoist. Was hoping to pull the gearbox from bellhousing that way I don't have to lift motor.

I've tried jacking up the gearbox, turning, twisting etc. Nothing, won't budge.


If there was a way to get them in, there has to be a way to get them out.... unless someone welded up the holes.


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For the cast aluminum bellhousing the two inner bolts are not accessible without removing the bellhousing and gear box as a single unit. Many Pantera owners leave them out for that reason, although personally I do not advocate that.
Well, I finally got the entire bellhousing/gearbox out. Had to remove a lot more stuff due to having to jack the engine up. While I have this entire thing apart I plan on doing the rear main seal, any other preventative maintenance I should do? I have the external slave kit coming.

It was absolutely the slave, and my guess it's been leaking for a while.

Also the clutch is done, ordering a new one today also.


Thanks everyone for the help! Going to roll her out this weekend and get everything all nice and clean. I'll post updates as I install parts.