Introduction and the Common Request

Hello. My name is Jason and I joined the site to learn more about the SLC. I am in Bristow, VA just west of Manassas and 30 miles outside of DC. I have been drifting across different motorcyle and car scenes for a long time and the SLC seems like a perfect fit for me.

After some time in VA Beach on sports bikes, like GSXR and ZX7R, I started off with a Mitsubishi Eclipse that I did fairly poor interior on including carpet and panel color changes. All with the wrong materials. Had a body kit ready to install when Fast and Furious 1 came out. One week later everyone had that kit.

Moved on to a '92 Camaro in perfect condition. Loved that car but the poor 6 cyl was killing me. I needed more. After months of researching a swap, I had an idea...

So then came a '81 Corvette. Because if I was gonna build a car why not a Vette instead of a Camaro. Drove that for awhile and never had money or a place to do any real work on it. Big dream was to put an LT1 in it. The old ones.

Then I wanted a car that would be a fun daily driver. I went with a Civic and put a Jackson Racing supercharger on it. That was underwhelming to say the least. I know Honda's can be fast. Mine was not. They can be nice too. Mine was not.

Back to looking. Found a mint fully restored '75 Corvette with a 383 stroker, custom side pipes, wheels, interior, everything. We lived in a shady apartment complex back then so I kept it in storage. Drove a ragged little Geo Metro to work while my 400hp Corvette was hidden away. I still have people from my old job who never saw that car and deny it ever existed.

Anyway, back to wanting something fun and a daily. Went with an '03 GTI 20th ann. edition. From the factory with recaro seats, six spd, body kit, big brakes, and even a dash plaque #1107 of 4000 made. I added a bunch of upgrades like front mount intercooler, chip, and exhaust. Club VW of Louisville were the best group ever. Cookouts, car shows, and tons of track fun. Sadly, work beckoned and I left for the DC area where traffic killed my desire for a manual daily.

Luckily, it also brought greater prosperity which included a two car garage. Well no sense parking my commuter car in there when a '98 Corvette will fit. LS1, manual, black on black. Perfect. Well, maybe could use a little more go go. Drove it up to East Coast Supercharging in NJ and a week later went back to 500 rwhp. Now it was perfect. When time allowed, I made to shows, cruise-ins, and even made about zillion passes at Old Dominion Speedway 1/8 mile before it closed down. What a sad day. Car started to need alot of work, slipping clutch, syncros going out, etc. Off it went to a nice new home in Canada.

The bug came back. Enter a '79 Austin Mini. It's so tiny. What a show stopper! Bought it fully restored. Just like I see you all talking about, couldn't stop anywhere without being cornered for 30 min. Kids went crazy over it at shows. And with 40 hp it could almost get out of it's own way. Down hill. With a tail wind. Another set of big plans. Swap in 125 hp Honda engine, race seats, "big" 13 inch wheels. Car was so much fun I never took it off the street. Then along came about 8lbs of life change. Baby in a Mini. Probably not.

In the back of '90 IROC-Z? Probably yes. I remembered my long forgotten youth and how much fun the wind blowing through hair I used have was. Oh so many 80's jokes. No mullet, no trailer park, plenty of Hair Band music. Went though the entire suspension, all new steering, bigger wheels and tires. Buddy was selling some audio equipment so in went a stupid loud stereo with 2-12in subwoofers. Just like in high school. Wow, I don't listen to thumpity bumpity like that anymore. More big plans. 6.0 LQ4 truck engine, 4l60e, built rear. Just like Ricky Bobby it was gonna go fast. After a few years I just lost interest in actually building the car. 8 lbs is now a very bossy self, proclaimed princess and let me tell you it did not go well when those "two boys" came and loaded "her" car on a trailer and took it away.

So for the last 6 months I have been looking for something to fill that empty spot in the garage. I wanted something with real pizazz or flash. Something that drives by and you nudge your buddy and say check that out. Something that I can take to shows and sit in my folding chair and get sunburn on the aforementioned bald head. Something that is fun and spirited to drive. Something that I can sit and stare at because it makes me happy.

I looked at making a rally car look out of a Focus ST or STI. I looked at a newer camaro and adding a ton of body mods like a wing, body kit, and fender flares. I was pretty set on a ZL1 when, like so many others, I came across the GTM. Again like so many before, that lead me to find the SLC. Well, didn't that get my attention. The project aspect is there, the look is there, the performance is there, the price is... kept in confidence lest the wife become knowledgeable. The big IF that I am now missing is that I have never seen one in person. For this big of a decision I need to see, touch, sit and determine if this is truly the car for me. Right now it feels like the thing I have been looking for all these years.

So, maybe I went a little far with the introduction of myself. However, if anyone has made it this far down, we have come to the Common Request.

Is there anyone in the Northern VA / DC area that would let a too tall for an SLC, needs the gentlemen's seat, bald, father of one, come see their car?
Common request fulfilled! Will let me visit his car and WOW that thing is nice. A lot of custom touches really put the car over the top in the best way. I did find out I do not fit in Will’s car. Not to worry, the car is set up for him and not my most gentle-manly self. I also found out that I want one more than ever.

Thanks Will for the invite and representing the forum in such a standup way. I appreciate the time and warm welcome and next time the family will not save you from me.