GT40 Light Covers

A lot of you know me but it has been a few years since I've posted that I make the head and running light plexiglass covers for GTs. I've sold dozens of sets to Forum members over the past seven years for all replica makes and some original cars. The plastic I currently use is shatter-proof. You can fold it flat back onto itself and it does not crack, so rocks/track debris are no problem. I sell them cheaper than anyone, anywhere at $100 for the set of 4 pieces. I make them slightly oversized so they can be trimmed to fit your particular car. Since the plastic is pliable, trimming and drilling is easily done. Just email me if you could use a set. I can also form pieces for other cars as needed.
Hi Mark, I have your light covers and they really did the trick, ever going to get around to doing side windows?

Hey Mark, Are you still locked in an exclusive contract with Fran Hall with the door windows?
Brian, I plan on making door windows with the hardware to go along with the GT40 bodies I make.
Is Mark Clapp a supporting member? How would I know that? I must have missed that somewhere. If I could get intouch with Ron I would happy to be a supporting member. In the past I called left a message, emailed and no reply. But my business my not be big enough to support being a "supporting member ". I'm not a "Kit Car Manufacturer", But do sell to some "Kit Car Manufacturers".
Brian, my tooling for the windows was supplied by RCR. Please contact RCR for these excellent pieces (if I do say so), which are curved per original with the shaped vent window cut out for a flush fit in the window.


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Hi Bill,

Long time no see. How is the weather in God's country ?
Let me know when you start on the windows, I would like a set for a GTD I am building for the track.
Also still need a nose for my Lotus 49 project. Any interest ?


Please send me your contact info, I could use a set of covers. Thanks

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I also have a set of Mark's light covers. My covers needed to be about an inch longer at the front & Mark fabricated a set for me. They have an extremely clear luster & I would say look better than a factory built cover. They are very flexible. I used extreme caution while trimming & drilling the mounting holes. I think they give my car a professional look. They are very reasonably priced. I am going to see if he will fabricate me a spare set. Thanks Mark.

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Gordy! the guy with the beautiful wife. You will have to PM me or use my email address; datonabill at msn dot com