GT40 prototype floor and center tunnel details

Just wondering if anyone has any details they would be willing to share with me regarding the floors on the prototype cars. Ideally I would like to see what GT103 looked like but would be happy with details from any of the early cars.

there is a difference that is visible at the front of the seats. and additional rib gets attached to the floor and the pressing seemed to be different.
GT101 or 102

GT103 - fuel breather holes in bottom of a pillar more inwards

GT104 (I think, please correct me if I am wrong, Mirror on vertical stalk is my reasoning)
More details right under my nose. just takes time to find them sometimes


Another one. Have not worked out which chassis/car this is just yet and what floor pressing it is likely to have had.


Doc, these look like photos of chassis GT110 project. It could be chassis GT110/X-1 as raced by Mclaren and Miles or GT110A which was sent to Kar Kraft. (Ronnie Spains book GT40 an Individual History and Race Record, page 196).

Note the Alloy Floor, Side sill covers and center dash super structure. You can see how these are attached to the rest of the structure with some form of rivet. The steel sections consist of the front side panels where the suspension mounts, the steel section that covers the radiator tubes and the door posts.

I suspect these are early photos of its construction in 65 as it does not have the crossover fuel link below the seat that was common to the other MK II cars. This would have been introduced later in 65/66 prior to its 66 Sebring win.

This first photo is of interest as it shows the ducting either side of the radiator that was then connected up to run underneath the upper diagonal RHS bar before being connected into the triangular sections either side of the spare wheel well. Drawing GT40P/1/2299-300 it the section of duct work that forms part of this connection. This drawing is in GT40 Uncovered.


Note the early door pillar duct to vent air through the doors. This also explains why the face of the dash and the door pillars are closed as well. they were trying to duct air either side of the nose all the way to the engine bay.

66 version of X-1, note no Fuel filler cap on port side.


VS early 65 version of X-1

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What would be really appreciated is if someone can drop into the Shelby American Collection in Boulder Colorado and grab a buch of detailed photos of GT103 for me.

That would make my day.

Cheers, Ryan, Melbourne Australia.
was just looking at the GT40 SAE papers again. Looks like there is some more photos of the early prototype floors in those papers.

So the photo with the guys I'm sure is 101 and the other two are of 1040. Distinctly different floors .


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