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dash photos 1034 current

single fuel gauge swaps over depending on which pump is operating

so if LHS pump operating it shows contents of LHS tank


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Re: P/1042 (1001)

Sorry, it's been a while, but to continue the story... here are the latest photographs from the restorer, showing the dashboard in place... exciting times! Also pictured, and for those not keeping up with the story... are a couple of photographs of the Martini International Trophy, which took place at Silverstone in 1967. GT40P/1001 failed to finish the race with Hulme at the wheel, but my steering wheel (off GT40P/1026), won the trophy! It placed 2nd overall, in the hands (literally) of Mike Salmon.. see previous pages for images of the wheel. Thanks to everyone for your messages of encouragement. Andrew



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Nice project and well executed but I am curious as to why this build log remains in the Original GT40s forum.

As always this is most excellent work demonstrated by David Brown here so can you tell us all which parts of this tub are original to merit the concept that CCD are "re-constructing" and "restoring" P1042 for you ?
Do you really own the original tub ?
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Seasons Greetings to you also, Jimmy, you old munter hunter. You're perfectly correct as usual, as I've pointed out endlessly before, I claim no legal rights to GT40P/1042, but the tub does contain original Abbey Panels parts e.g. the gearbox crossmember, the VIN is "P/1042", and the entire short motor came out of Jean Blaton's GT40P/1042. Otherwise, it's just a pile of old junk, thrown together, purporting to be a GT40, unlike your fine hand-made replica. Regards... Andrew


I name that cross member Adam! :laugh:

'Twill be interesting when done. What about stamping the chassis with every No. of every car a part is used from? That would be quite unique..

Plus of course remove any confusion... :)

I've never heard the term Munter before (must get out more and seeing how, in hindsight, it applied to at least 2 of my wives, I'm quite hurt that no one would dare utter the term in front of me)

The most polite description from the Urban Dictionary is thus:

"A girl not blessed by the beauty fairy." oooer..:shocked:
Like I suggest before the sum of the parts should have produced your chassis number.
Just add up all the P numbers parts and the true identity of the car is established.
Regards Allan

so if i understood correctly your using a David brown manufactured monocoque for your replica with the bolt on crossmember left over from a P1042 restauration. Just curious, the ones i saw from him are supplied without the steel spider ( or at least i never saw pictures of them with it and if i´m not completly mistaken he sold one of his chassis also without the spider). does David supply also with the steel spider?
Also an honest and open question.
Why did you prefere to use the David Brown chassis before the Abbey panel conform chassis you are offering ( not saying that it is an abbey panel chassis) for sale?

The reconstruction of the NZ chassis began in 2009. I did not have the UK tub then. Both have steel roof spiders. I said some elements of the NZ chassis have period panels incorporated, but as I am learning fast, the GT40-World is a litigeous place, so I do not lay claim to the original GT40P/1042, and I have repeatedly stated this. I consider P/1042 to be a mongrel of pedigree original parts and that's it. I have been open and hidden nothing. I have also spent time speaking with Ronnie Spain and he knows all about my car. Regards.. Andrew


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My view is that your car is going to be a truly fantastic replica when it's finished - up there in quality with the best of the original rebuilds out there for sure.
But I guess I don't get the 1042 bit.

'Good fortune with the completion of your build.
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This is an intriguing and fascinating story, but I am getting lost with it now. Are you building 2 replicas, one of "1042" and one of "1001" ? Who made the second monocoque that you have ? as I see that there are quite a lot of differences with bits missing off it and different, would the NZ chassis have been the better one to use for all the best bits to go on.
Re: P/1042 (1001)

Everyone- I cannot lay claim to GT40P/1042 for legal reasons. The car being reconstructed in NZ has VIN P/1042, but this has not been plucked from thin air, as it can be traced back to 1994 when imported into the UK. It's history before that is more tenuious, but may be traced to late 1966 both in its documents and in the metal. I cannot say more than that on an open forum and I wish people would see it for what it is.

In my opinion, a replica is either made from non-original parts e.g. GTD, or new original-style reproduction parts e.g. Superformance. An original car is either one which has never undergone change, or has been reconstructed using as much of its original/period parts as possible. ronnie Spain does not approve of mere "paper cars", as he calls them, but P/1042 is more than that. If you call my car a replica, then what would you call GT40P/1087,88 & 89? These cars were constructed in the 1980s/90s using Tennant Panels tubs from left over parts.

I am sure people with more expertise shall chime in here, but take an original GT40 which was raced all it's life and has undergone major changes e.g. motor, gearbox, body, suspension, steering, glass and even tub. An example is GT40P/1073 which was crashed by Ron Fry at Brands in 1969. 1073 acquired a new tub and was raced from then on. I am aware of the guy who now owns the original Abbey Panels tub. Confused? There are "50 shades of grey".... but that's another story!

P/1042 is being reconstructed using the original bodywork off GT40P/1001 and the forum thread began 10 pages ago when that's all I had. Later I acquired the 1042 parts and hence the transition to using the P/1042 identity.. nothing more than that.

The chassis in my garage in the UK, has nothing to do with either P/1042, nor the GT40P/1001 bodywork, although I am willing discuss its GT40 past on the telephone and not on an open forum.

We are all likeminded lovers of GT40s. I feel all folk are doing is to try and catch me out, or prove they are an expert. My openness has back-fired, when all I wanted to do is entertain viewers of the website with the story of my GT40... Andrew
This gets a bit complex, doesn't it.....Frank, your broom is like George Washington's axe- we've replaced the handle twice and the head three times, as they wore out, but other than that, it's the same axe he used to chop down the cherry tree.... the old munter.
Re: P/1042 (1001)

We are all likeminded lovers of GT40s. I feel all folk are doing is to try and catch me out, or prove they are an expert. My openness has back-fired, when all I wanted to do is entertain viewers of the website with the story of my GT40... Andrew
I for one am very entertained. Please carry on :)
The 're-body' discussion has been beaten to death on other forums I frequent. The recent introduction of full 67-68 mustang fastback bodies has really increased the tension surrounding this.

The laws around the practice of performing a 'rebody' seem to vary from state to state (in the US), but I really don't see how you can restore an original car using a totally new tub, then sell the original tub (vin intact) and still claim your car to be original. Is this legal in other countries??

Even the the practice of cutting of a shelby VIN from a rusted out skeleton and rebuilding a GT500 using ALL the original parts is concidered unacceptable in classic mustang circles. Certainly to do this and still claim it to be an 'original'.
Mark... yes, I agree, it cannot be the original car anymore. I have stressed over and over, for legal reasons my car is not thee original GT40P/1042 either, but does have more than a mere association to it and is distinguished by it's VIN being "P/1042" as opposed to a VIN of "GT40P/1042". I'm not sure it's fair to call it an original-spec GT40 either, as it's simply a car made up mainly of period, original parts, not reproductions and, hence, is much nearer an original than not in the scale of greyness.

Neither is it an axe made up of new parts, it's made up mainly of old parts which did once exist on a variety of axes owned by Washington.
Andrew, for me personally, and I've said this in my earlier postings, this is a fantastic read and I could care less what its thought to be. I think I used the moniker "Frankenstein" somewhere while responding to this post and that still holds true. I mean that in the nicest sense even though "Frankenstein" was a "monster" of sorts I'm sure your car, when completed, will be anything but. Even Frankenstein was considered "human" by its creator.

I own a replica so there is no hiding what mine is but that doesn't mean (to me anyway) that in some shape or form its not a GT40....it is and I love it no less then if it was an original. I'm thrilled everytime I get in it as I'm sure other "replica" owners are. Your car is going to be hard to categorize because of how its been created. Some will call it a replica, tribute, clone or whatever while others (like me) will consider it much more original then replica. I could care less what many think of it because in the end it doesn't matter to anyone but you. An interesting question would be trying to put a value on it.....a top of the line (meaning all the bells and whistles of engine and tranny) CAV, SPF, RCR, TORNADO etc, etc will not exceed $170K in todays market....but yours with its pedigree and parts should surely demand a much higher value. Similar to the 246 Dino, never called a Ferrari but try and find one without the prancing horse on it or the Ferrari name. In addition try to find a cheap one!!

I can't wait to see the finished car. Having just spent the last two weeks in England and Ireland I can only dream of seeing the car out on some twisting country lane hearing the rapid fire volley from the exhasut on the over run as you downshift for a tight left hander. What a sight that will be. Continued success and good fortune in the build.