Original GT40 SAE Papers

Go to the link below to find a complete set of the original GT40 SAE papers written by FoMoCo engineers that detail the development of the car. These have been in the public domain for years if you knew where to find them. Some guy sells them on eBay for $100. Now you can get them right here. This is an 82 MByte file so be patient. If you use a dial up......forget it - sorry!

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page 41 of the PDF (39) is interesting, it shows a crossover for the fuel tank that runs across the top of the dash. there are holes in the chassis for this tube, I have only ever seen 1 photo that shows this tube installed. most chassis seem to have the holes in the dash structure as a legacy.

Page 96 (94) has the master cylinder sizes that someone was after.....

There is another paper mentioned in the text that is not included in the PDF above.

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There were 3 articles in 'Style Auto' back in the day. Also a good read is a softback book 'Ford GT40 & GT Ultimate Portfolio'